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Pigeon Trap w/Shade, Water & Feeder (ea)
Pigeon Trap w/Shade, Water & Feeder (ea)
This trap is designed for flat and slanted roof designs. It is a complete trap that can be set up in minutes saving your company valuable time and money. *As with all traps, this trap should be secured to slanted roofs with a safety line.

Patent pending.

  • 36" x 24" x 10” High
  • Six one way entry doors with door guard
  • Capacity: 20 + birds
  • Two easy top access doors for easy removal of birds
  • Heavy galvanized flat pan
  • Four entry door ledges
  • Set of four adjustable legs, two - 12”, two - 24” - used for leveling out trap, no tools needed
  • Water container/ feed pan designed for easy service
  • Shade/ water/feeder features attracts additional birds
  • Heavy 14 gauge galvanized welded wire
  • Easy removable shade screen
  •   28.00 lbs
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