Optical Gel Frequently Asked Questions

Optical Gel utilizes a multi-sensory approach to repelling birds. Sight: Reflects UV light that only birds see. Smell: Birds can’t stand the citronella & peppermint oil smell. Touch: They avoid sticky material (in the unlikely event they touch it).
Citronella, peppermint oil, agar and beeswax. Optical Gel is made of all-green natural ingredients making it safe for humans of all ages, and yes...it's even safe for the birds. But they HATE IT!
Backed by scientific testing, this product is a natural sticky gel that can withstand over 100MPH winds, weather above 105 degrees and below freezing (only once freezing has thawed). Dusty regions like Arizona and Texas won’t stop Optical Gel either.
2 to 4 years, far longer than needed to solve the resident bird problem. In fact in many cases the Optical Gel has successfully kept birds away for more than five years.
It is illegal to use any pest control device not specifically designed for that pest. Optical Gel is for birds only. Do not use it for any other pests.
Always where birds place their feet. For pigeons and most other birds, always focus on nesting areas first. For Woodpeckers and Mud Swallows their feet attach to vertical surfaces. These are the only times where Optical Gel attach facing out.
No. For Optical Gel to work, the proper pre-treatment requires you remove all traces of bird pheromones, nest and residue first. This includes removing contaminated bird spikes, bird droppings, nesting residue or anything else contaminated by birds.
No. Optical Gel is only to be installed on flat surfaces where birds land after flying. The best way to exclude birds from solar panels is to first clean everything from under the panels, then install a Solar Panel Exclusion Kit around the edges.
Optical Gel is effective on all common pest birds. The Migratory Bird Act protects most birds. Three birds, pigeons, starlings and sparrows, are not protected you can legally remove eggs, chicks or nests in order to protect the structure.
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