Mist Net 7 ft x 20 ft


Mist nets have become the industry standard for live capture of birds in large buildings and are very effective if used correctly.

Bird Barrier’s Mist Nets are ultra fine black twine made into a 3/4″ mesh that is nearly invisible to birds. They feature three horizontal pouches and tension lines for the ideal set. They are available in four sizes (7′ x 10′, 7′ x 20′, 8′ x 30′, and 8′ x 40′).

The nets can be suspended between two poles for portability inside a facility, and can be bungee-corded to vertical supports (like shelving). New 19 foot telescoping poles that collapse down to just four feet are also available.

Warning: birds captured in Mist Nets must be promptly removed so they don’t harm themselves. The nets are to be used only in the capture of pest birds inside facilities. Zip ties are provided to secure the net to the poles.



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