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Microbial Bird Droppping Cleaner (1gal)
Microbial Bird Droppping Cleaner (1gal)
Microbial Bird Dropping Cleaner is designed to replace ordinary cleaners with a concentrated formulation that is safe for any surface and will not be harmed by a water based cleaner. To use this product, use any power washer or hand sprayer. Spray on surface to be cleaned and allow soak time. Fully wet and loosen material. If droppings are not immediately removed when rinsed, a second application and soak cycle may be necessary.

DILUTION: MBDC-10 may be diluted with water 5-10 parts water to 1 part MBDC-10 depending on amount of soiling.

Note: If area is sanitized following removal microbial activity may be impaired.
  8.80 lbs
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