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Fly Away Interior Laser (ea)
Fly Away Interior Laser (ea)
The Fly Away 2™ is bright enough to scare birds from as far sway as 250 meters while remaining eye safe to operators and those who may accidentally have the laser pointed at them briefly. • Class 3A, 532nm wavelength green laser • Birds do not learn to ignore it • Safe for both humans and birds • Large beam to assure targeted birds can’t overlook or ignore it • Effective range up to 250 meters (indoors) • Rugged all aluminum construction • All external joints and on/off switch sealed to assure safe, reliable operation • Flashlight style for ease of handling and light weight • Powered by 2 flashlight batteries – Lithium and rechargeable batteries OK • Lockable carrying case • 1 year parts and labor warranty • 5 to 7 year expected life
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