Flex Track Cellular Monitor (ea)

With the revolutionary, new alarm you are always only a text message away from knowing your track’s condition and voltage. Instead of taking hours inspecting your track or wondering if it’s working properly, Track Alarm will notify you within seconds of any fence-related issue.

  • Works with all chargers and track systems
  • Receive Real-Time Alerts of your track condition via text or e-mail
  • Set a Low-Voltage threshold to fit your needs
  • Monitor your track status via a web-site, free mobile app or text
  • View historical data of your track via the web-site or app
  • Add additional users to your monitoring system so they can receive important alerts too
  • Uses Solar Power and Cellular Technology, making it possible to easily install anywhere on your track (On average can run 30 days without direct sun)

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Attaching to your System
The Track Monitor has a positive and negative post, just like the chargers used to power all electrified track systems. The Track Monitor can be connected to the charger or the track. It can monitor an entire system at the charger, or a single length of track. It cannot monitor multiple tracks. Bird Barrier recommends connecting the Track Monitor directly to the charger, especially if the charger has multiple lead wires going to multiple tracks. Please call our offices for more details.

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Weight 6.4 lbs
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