Dura-Spike Narrow (2.5 in): 100 ft

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Dura-Spike Bird Spikes are 100% stainless steel and are available in three-foot lengths for fast application. The base can be cut easily with snips or shears. It curves gently or takes hard bends to conform to the building’s features. Widths: Narrow, Wide, Xtra-Wide, comes in 3-foot strips.

  • Where to Use: Ledges, parapets caps, roof peaks, chimneys
  • Target Bird: Pigeon and larger
  • Bird Pressure: Medium (Do not use where birds are nesting)
  • Material: Stainless Steel – 304 grade wires & base welded together
  • Installation: Base is glued or screwed to any surface
  • Installation Level: Easy

No matter the shape, Dura-Spike can be worked to match most settings. A pair of heavy-duty shears or snips and you’re good.



Dura-Spike has holes in its base. It’s even easier to lay down than gluing. But most installers know not to drill or screw into roofs. Use our Barrier Bond for the perfect match.


Lean out and glue down. Window stills blocked from birds. (do know cleaning is a must If there is bird debris) Protect your structure and the items and people below.



An afternoon install atop a set of tennis court lights.

Dura-Spike · The Professional’s Choice

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