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Cimi-Shield Knock-Out(6 oz yields 1 gal)
Cimi-Shield Knock-Out(6 oz yields 1 gal)

Preferred formulation for active bed bug infestations in maintained environments. Cimi-Shield kills on contact and the non-toxic residual continues to kill newly hatched and introduced bed bugs. No odor, no staining, 100% non-toxic, plus 12 month residual control on textile surfaces like mattresses, furniture, carpets, drapes, etc. 

Cimi-Shield® Knock-Out is delivered as 6 ounces of liquid that is mixed with distilled water to make a full gallon. One gallon protects 1,200 - 1,500 square feet of fabric or carpet. Most applications require only perimeter treatment. Cimi-Shield contains a UV marker to verify proper evidence of treatment. Cimi-Shield's active ingredient Residulen, a proprietary mixture of proteins synthesized from soybean oil.
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