Bird-Shock Flex-Track Overview

Bird-Shock on Steel BeamsBird-Shock Flex-Track is a low-profile ledge deterrent system that is effective against all species of pest birds utilizing the principle of fear and flight, conditioning birds to stay away.

Bird-Shock Flex-Track is Flexible and Adaptable

Flex-Track is a low-profile electrified track that conforms to any architectural configuration. Flex-Track curves up and down, and side to side; and the stainless steel strapping gladly follows the PVC base without wrinkling.

Bird-Shock is Virtually Invisible

Flex-Track is only 1/4-inch high. It’s available in a wide variety of colors to match the structure, Bird-Shock Flex-Track is hard to notice close-up, and virtually invisible from the distance. It cannot be seen looking up from below.

Bird-Shock is Long-Lasting

Made from UV stabilized PVC and Stainless Steel, this product will be in service far longer than its five-year warranty.

Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a Humane Deterrent

The intermittent shock is painful, but does not hurt the birds; it simply teaches them to stay away, long-term.

Warning About Electrified Track

Do not install in areas easily accessible to pedestrians.

Bird-Shock Patents

#US 7,481,021 #US 8,567,111 B2 Design Patent: #US D684,235 S
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