Bird-Flite Spikes Installation Instructions

Bird-Flite is one of the easiest bird control products to install, and by far the least expensive stainless steel spike product available in the U.S. Bird-Flite’s thin wires are h2 enough to repel the most aggressive pigeons and gulls, yet thin enough to virtually disappear on most ledges.

Bird-Flite Installation

Bird-Flite comes in 1-foot sections. It is available in three spike widths: Bird-Flite Narrow (2-1/2″), Wide (4-1/2″) and Xtra-Wide (8″) all with a flexible, UV-stabilized polycarbonate base, with 316 marine-grade stainless steel rods. Bird-Flite Narrow & Wide come rolled into tight cluster of thirty-two strips in cases of 128 feet, while Bird-Flite Xtra-Wide is rolled into easy-to-carry 15 foot rolls in cases of 60 feet. When installing Bird-Flite to a ledge, beam or pipe, keep two things in mind for a successful application:

  • Proper placement of the product on the ledge
  • Securely fastening the product to the ledge

Bird-Flite Placement

One of the great benefits of Bird-Flite is that you can leave unprotected space between rows of the product, and between the back row and wall. As you can see from the diagrams above, tips can be placed up to 2″ apart, and the tips of the rods can be up to 2″ from the back wall – that’s free coverage! The rods must overhang the outer edge by at least 1/2″.

Examples: Bird-Flite Wide can be used to protect a one-sided ledge up to seven inches wide.

A 12-inch ledge (one-sided) can be protected with two rows of Bird-Flite Wide.

Fastening Bird-Flite to the Surface

Bird-Flite can be glued or screwed to the ledge. If screwing we recommend three screws per foot. But using Bird Barrier Bond is by far the preferable technique; it is far faster, and actually more secure, as the entire strip is fastened securely to the ledge.

Using Bird Barrier Bond

The one-foot section of Bird-Flite should receive four to five equally spaced marble-sized dabs. You do not want to run a continuous bead as you will create a water barrier. Apply the four to five dabs per foot. Then simply place the strip in the correct position and press firmly to the ledge. You want the Bond to come out the sides and squirt up through the screw holes.

Coverage using Bird Barrier Bond

10.2 oz cartridge = 30-35 feet. 3.75 oz tube = 12 feet.

Using Self-Tapping Screws

Bird-Flite can be installed using small self-tapping screws. We recommend two to three screws per foot, not one screw per hole. If you are using a drill motor, you should obtain a long 1/4″ magnetic nut driver (at least 5″ long). Make sure you don’t keep the drill motor running when the screw seats down on the plastic or you will strip out the hole or break the Bird-Flite base.

Bird-Flite Installation Time Estimate

One to two feet per minute depending upon access.

Download the Installation Instructions (PDF)

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