Avial Control Bird Repellent: 2.5 gal


Avian ControlĀ® is a new, patent-pending, EPAregistered liquid bird repellent that will chase your birds away. The product is a replacement for Migrate and Fog Force. Avian ControlĀ® uses cutting edge technology to efficiently repel undesirable birds without harming the birds, humans or other animals (including household pets). Avian ControlĀ® is EPA-registered for use on numerous crops to prevent damage from foraging birds. The repellent is effective against many types of nuisance birds including geese, pigeons, starlings and grackles. All of the ingredients in Avian ControlĀ® are food grade. Avian ControlĀ® can be either fogged or sprayed and is compatible with both types of equipment for ease of application. It is designed for effective use ā€“ less often, in less quantity and to better effect. In outdoor applications, Avian ControlĀ® has a life expectancy of up to two weeks, but the results last much longer because birds ā€œlearnā€ to avoid areas treated with Avian ControlĀ®. While non-lethal to birds, it acts as an irritant discouraging birds from amassing. The dual application methods (fogging or spraying) are ideal for airplane hangars, grassy fields, golf courses or large properties.



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