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We realize that you, our customers, are our most important asset. That’s first.

From promptly meeting your needs in order and shipping info to on-site live call-in assistance; we have your back. Se habla EspaƱol.

In general, Bird BarrierĀ® is America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of pest bird control products and services. We specialize in urban and natural bird control to effectively remove pest birds humanely and permanently.

We’ve been in business since 1993 with innovative technologies designed to prevent birds from landing, roosting or nesting.

Cameron Riddell

Meet our fearless leader, Cameron Riddell. One who lets nothing stand in the way of flourishing.

Cameron started and unfurled our niche company, BirdBarrier, into a product line and service network that not only guided but now leads the world in this unique market called bird control.

Cameron proves time and time again that being aware of options, ideas and points-of-view leads straight to the door of success. Ask him someday about how he saved this company during the pandemic. It was something to behold.

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Steve Blyth

Vice President
Steve is Bird Barrier's Vice President. He started with Bird Barrier in 2000 after many years in marketing. Steve's vision has lead the way in technical development at Bird Barrier, including the direction of the company's web site.

When Steve is not at one of the Bird Barrier offices, he spends time with his family, on the golf course or driving his vintage cars.
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Matt Eargle

Sales Manager
The Grid:
A Digital Frontier

I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer.

What did they look like?



Were the circuits like freeways?

I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see.

And then, one day...

I got in.
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Ray Olschewski

East Coast Sales Manager

Michael Gallion

Business Development
It's not easy writing about the multi-faceted M. Gallion. He has brought the world some of our new products like Optical Gel into the spot light of the entire industry. This man moves like no other.

Michael develops business relationships and trains technicians worldwide. He understands the great Bird Barrier line intimately and the same goes with the effect and installation of each and every product.

As an IEEE advisor, Michael's toes have fully dipped into ornithology so that when he works with your firm, you know you're getting the best. ~b.june
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Tony Jetton

Commercial Specialist
Tony Jetton - Commercial Specialist/Technical Advisor (15yrs experience). Tony will assist you with Sight Evaluation, Product Selection, Installation Strategies, Sales Strategies, Technical Data and moreā€¦ Tonyā€™s in the office Mon-Thurs 6am-3pm Pac.Stand.Time.

Jetton is a native Californian who grew up surfing, traveling, and exploring off the grid terrain around the world.
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Rodney Rodriguez


Bobby June

Brand & Marketing
Okay, this is the guy who wrote all of these bios. Now finally! ..about me. Bobby June operates 9V Visuals. A branding and marketing shop that emerged from his natural talent as a designer.

Bobby's company annexes Bird Barrier as it's marketing guru like Lee Clow was to Apple. Communications that matches the excellent products found within the Bird Barrier line. The unique market and playful yet serious products plus his unique position within the company made this project his the longest running client on the books.

Bobby's a science-based futurist, streams at night //sup chat?// and try's to stay outta trouble through a term he's coined called comploxification. To BB peeps, please rewrite what you can improve on. I just took a stab at it and expect everyone to replace their text.
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Noah Venegas

Sales Support
Noah might be your first point of contact when calling into Bird Barrier for the first time.

This conscienscious individual brings into view your needs as a consumer or one of our great tecnicians to the eyes and ears of the higher up that can handle your request. Or, as he has proven many a time, will get you the info himself.

Bribe him with some Oingo tickets and you ship first! Shtraight outta Gardena, this local will school you about film and, as suggested by one of our staffers, should consider tossing his hat into Central Casting. ~b.june
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Mellisa Miramontes

When it comes to numbers, tracking and staying on top of all things money, Mellisa is your person. She, though, doesn't at all give the feeling of your geeky accountant. Nope.

I'm assuming she could twist an arm but her personality just makes the office a much better place to be.

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Amanda Siravo

It's hard to call Amanda our controller. It just sounds kinda...not like her. She's a joy to work with.

But give it a few questions and one will see just how in control of the Bird Barrier situation she is actually in. As all process flow through her purview, she remains calm and holds your requests firmly in hand making sure you're taken care of.

Aside from her glowing presence, she's best known for her capabilities in the art of orderliness. Not in a militant way but more in a way we'd all like to be. (I realize I have come full circle on claim one - ~b.june)
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Victor Monroy

Victor has been with Bird Barrier since August 2003. He is responsibilities include: inventory management, logistics and warehouse operations to ensure our customers orders are shipped in a timely and accurate manner.

Victor also enjoys working with our Sales Department on large volume orders and special orders for those unique projects where Bird Barrier can help meet our customers expectations.

When not working, Victor enjoys spending time at home reading, watching TV and taking his three dogs hiking.
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Anthony Quiroz

Office Manager
Oh, Anthony. The bald that roam the earth search for you. When working with Anthony, you will Ut eniis nosthonrud eation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
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Zach Weiss

Marketing Assistant
As Michael's main man, Zach came into Bird Barrier with a hidden set of skills that have flourished into a great addition.

Zach first showed his flexibility when put in charge of our live studio productions. This while handling social media and a large swath of marketing tasks under the wings and guidance of our betters.

He's best, by far, at very clever tag lines coupled with thoughts of imagery. His duties range from the orchestration of all things training to various social media sand marketing tasks.
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Connor Smith

This charming young lad, Conner brings a great attitude to our warehouse team.

He's energized with a stature that challenges only one, our president, Cameron, to whom I look up to (we all prefer Cameron sitting).

Conner has your entire order in hand and will deliver. His word is gold, even if you spot a air of mischief in those eyes of his. We think Conner is going to spin the tires off of a 70 Torino in the near future.
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Gustavo Ruvalcaba

Gustavo has come out from nowhere. The newest addition seems like he's been here for years.A very friendly person, Gustavo's on point by having Scott's shipping needs rollers before Scott even thinks'em.

Seriously, there's a calming effect he gives off. One of confidence in his shipping of your product. The team he on seems like the best in years..

Keep it up Gustavo! Scott's got only about 15 more 'til he rolls himself up. Oh, shoot. Then there's Mason. But it'll be worth it!
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Scott Smitth

Warehouse Manager
Scott is Bird Barrier's longest employee, a seasoned professional and the heart and soul of the Bird Barrier inventory warehouse system.

As a warehouse manager, Scott inspects and verifies every order to insure accuracy and quality. Knowing how critical each project is, Scott also makes sure all the components that are needed to complete projects are included in the order.

. ~b.june
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Diana Lomeli

Just to show you how great it is to work at Bird Barrier, Diana is proof. She's returned for another stint at making sure everything of what us pencil pushers call "out back" goes out the door as planned.

And yes, yet another personality moving product that is not only a joy to see on the daily but a personality that you know that she knows whats going on when it come to how our product moves into your hands.

I have yet to learn about her background but I over hear her and Gustavo mixing Spanish and English stories about cooking and the like. We hope for a pot luck of one form her someday! ~b.june
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Mason Raposo

Mason is our very own Chad of all Chads. As have been knitted as such, one would know. Surely all in his shipping peer group would attest to his mojo.

Mason makes us up front know that he and his attentive and snappy actions are making the machine run in ways that would impress. We hope that you as customers feel the same.

Mason's sense of whit and readiness to headlock your brain makes one stay on ones toes. He's prolly a guy other guys wanna be friends with. ~ b. june
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The entire team at Bird BarrierĀ® would like to thank you for your business and would like to remind you that we are here to help, from 8am ā€“ 8pm EST by calling 1-800-NO-BIRDS.

We look forward to solving your pest bird control problems.

In addition, we look forward to making you and your excellent skill set a part of the Bird Barrier family.
Contact us to become a certified Bird Barrier installer by clicking your future hat pic.