StealthNet 3/4″ Heavy Duty, Black, 50′ x 50′

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StealthNet® is the world’s leading commercial bird netting product. Bird netting protects property by keeping out pest birds.

Strong and durable, StealthNet® bird netting is a pest bird control product for buildings, balconies, garages, barns, hangars, or other structures. Our anti-bird netting is a very effective bird control product that is nearly invisible.

StealthNet® is an exclusion bird repellent device. Bird netting is a humane bird control method.

Choose the right size of mesh netting for the problem species:

3/4″ bird control netting keeps out small birds, such as sparrows and swallows

4″ mesh bird control netting keeps out gulls and other large birds
2″ mesh pigeon netting keeps out pigeons
1-1/8″ mesh net excludes starlings, grackles, blackbirds, and similarly sized birds

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Weight 44 lbs
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