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Apr 4, 2012

A Guide to Placement of the Eagle Eye Bird Deterrent Device in Agricultural Settings

Product Overview

Bird-Shock Flex-Track Introduction

Cameron Riddell gives a brief overview of our Bird-Shock Flex-Track and how it can be used in various situations to relieve the area of nuisance birds.

Product Highlights

A guide to placement of the Eagle Eye bird deterrent device on buildings

This is a guide to the proper placement of the Eagle Eye bird deterrent device on buildings. It will give you a basic understanding of what to look for when deciding where to put the units and how many to of them will be necessary to cover the target area.

Product Highlights

Bird-Shock Flex-Track On Skyscraper

Cameron Riddell shows how one luxury apartment complex in Miami, Florida used Flex-Track to solve their problem with turkey vultures.


How to Install Bird Barrier’s BirdWire

This is a quick description of the different situations where bird wire is an effective deterrent. It also details the different ways to install the bird control device depending on the surface you are protecting.

Product Highlights

Dura-Spike Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Cameron shows the features of the new stainless steel Dura-Spike bird deterrent spikes.

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