ULV Backpack Sprayer/Fogger · 3 Gal.


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The ultra-low volume fogger atomizer sprayer is powered by a powerful 1400W electric motor achieving horizontal coverage of 20+ FT & vertical coverage of 4.9-6.5 FT of liquid chemical for maximum fogging efficiency. Commercial & residential structures, fields, lawns/gardens, crops, orchards, plants & grow beds/areas are cleaned in no time.


Built for high-speed aerosol distribution, fast diffusion & strong penetration ideal for fighting pathogens, vector carriers & pests. No pollution, zero-emission, no exhaust, low noise.
A screen filtered wide mouth for easy filling keeps dirt/debris out of the tank while making the workday smoother. No-contact disinfection
The extended coiled hose allows for perfect ULV misting to keep the dust down & humidity up during asbestos abatement. 90-Day Warranty
Intelligent fast charge-only two hours when fully charged, sustainable work. SHIPPED FROM CARSON CALIFORNIA, USA


Disinfection Sterilization Pest Control
Anti-Virus Disease Prevention Epidemic Prevention
Biocides Fungicides Evaporative cooling


Containment Protection

Pest Control Operation

Residential/Commercial Maintenance

Retail and Public Space Cleansing










Law Enforcement

Food Workers

Tattoo Artists

Salon Workers

General Maintenance

Lead & Asbestos Abatement

Environmental Cleanup

Food Processing

Mold Remediation

Spray Painting

Crime Scene Investigation

Machine or Vehicle Maintenance

Metal Polishing


Model: Electric ULV Sprayer Size: 470×240×510mm
Tank Capacity: 3 Gallons Cable length: 9FT/3m
Particle size: 1-50μm (adjustable)/Mm (micro-meters/microns)  Hose: 80cm
Flow rate : 750ML/min (0.75L/min) or 1-15GPH Power: 1400W
Effective Range: 20-30 FT (5-8 meters) Voltage: 110V/220V 50HZ

PLEASE NOTE: Chemicals are not included with the unit.

Warnings and Safety

· This sprayer is not allowed to spray or fill with flammable, explosive, highly corrosive substances, such as alcohol, gasoline, benzene and high concentration disinfectant (the disinfectant must be diluted before use).

· Do not use the sprayer in the tightly closed room. The doors and windows can be closed after spraying to increase the application effect and protect human health.

· Do not clean the sprayer with gasoline. When cleaning the exterior of the machine with water or other neutral detergents, care must be taken not to put water or neutral detergents into the motor casing.

· After each use, the unused liquid must be poured out, pay attention not to pollute the environment. In addition, the medicine box is filled with water, and the spray is started for about 0.5-1 minutes to clean the machine pipes, to avoid the liquid from corroding the machine, and to increase the service life of the machine. This is very important and necessary.

· Do not place in a high-temperature environment or under the sun for a long time, so as not to be roasted to deform, fade or crack.

· Do not pull the power cord to pull off the plug and cut off the power. Use the rubber position of the plug to pull the plug by hand.

· Always wear hand & eye protection when operating the Electric ULV Fogger. Keep all electrical internal/external connections dry & free of moisture, condensation or water/rain. Keep hands dry when operating the machine, dry hands before touching on/off power switch. After spraying chemicals, clean the machine with water. If sprayed herbicides, use detergent to clean completely. Store in a cool dry place out of from sunlight.

10+ Units at Discount – $375.00 Each

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Weight 11 lbs
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