Protect & Disinfect Gear

We stock as full line of primary PPE gear ready for company-wide distribution within your organization or distributed among your field offices around the world.


Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines

Approaching a New Market.
General Guidance
Community Facilities
Non-emergency Transport Vehicles

Reopening Guidelines

Approaching a New Market During Large-Scale Reopening
Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes
Buildings After Prolonged Shutdown or Reduced Operation

Particular Yet Limited Market Guidelines

Knowing Your Customers Actions
Coronavirus Disease Responce
Events and Gatherings
Manufacturing Workers and Employers


Electrostatic Sprayer/Cannon Rechargeable/Cordless · 4 Gallon

This cleaning method atomizes a solution to produce an electrically charged spray able to wrap around surfaces of all types for an even coat. As a chemical exits the electrostatic sprayer, it’s given a positive charge that is attracted to available negative surfaces without direct aiming.

· Electrostatic charging of the spray fluid.
· Offers five times the efficiency of standard sprayers.
· Use 50% less chemical of standard sprayers.
· Charged droplets will wrap around targeted surfaces.
· Excellent coverage and adhesion of droplets.
· Electrostatic voltage: 15,000v to 30,000v
· No pollution, emission or exhaust + low noise.
· Weight: 15lbs. empty
· Droplet size: 5-40μm (microns)
· Flow: 9oz./min  
· Spraying distance: 4' to 15'
· Tank capacity: 4.2 gallon
· Working pressure: 72psi
· 90-Day warranty

One complete sprayer kit  (10+ complete sprayer kits at discount)

ULV Backpack Fogger/Sprayer · 3 Gallon

The ultra-low volume fogger atomizer sprayer is powered by a powerful 1400W electric motor achieving horizontal coverage of 20+ FT & vertical coverage of 4.9-6.5 FT of liquid chemical for maximum fogging efficiency. Commercial & residential structures, fields, lawns/gardens, crops, orchards, plants & grow beds/areas are cleaned in no time.

· Built for high-speed aerosol distribution, fast diffusion & strong penetration ideal for fighting pathogens, vector carriers & pests.
· A screen filtered wide mouth for easy filling keeps dirt/debris out of the tank while making the workday smoother.
· The extended coiled hose allows for perfect ULV misting to keep the dust down & humidity up during asbestos abatement.
· Voltage: 110V/220V 50HZ · Size: 18.5"×9.5"×20", hose: 31.5", cable length: 9'
· Particle size: 1-50μm (adjustable)/Mm (micro-meters/microns)
· Flow rate : 0.198 gallon/min
· 90-Day Warranty

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