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Optical Gel Zip (100pk)
Optical Gel Zip (100pk)

Optical Gel™ Zip = pack of 100 zip-tie stick-on bases + 100 zip-ties.

This product does not include Optical Gel™.

Just like our Optical Gel™ Mag, no glue is needed. Peel and stick the Optical Gel™ Zip to the bottom of each disk and zip-tie to any tubular building feature. Two zip-ties included with each base.

  Can be placed onto the most usual places like round pipes, tree limbs, mesh grating, etc.
  No glue needed = zero mess.
  Reposition only costs the zip-tie.
  No surface discoloration from glue.
  East to remove and reapply if the client so chooses.


Zip it to:

  Indoor water sprinkler systems

  Trees and natural surfaces

  Outdoor residential areas - Awnings, gazebos, etc.

  Commercial equipment



  Round railings

  Restaurant dinning areas

  Outdoor retail displays

  1.00 lbs
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