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Bird Problems & Solutions

Get Rid of Pigeons, Sparrow & other Birds on Ledges

Stop Pigeons or Gulls on Roof Peaks

Block Pigeons or Other Birds on Sign Letters

Get Rid of Birds Nesting on Ledges

Exclude Sparrows or Other Birds in Protected Nooks

Block Birds in Underground Parking Lot Ledges

Block Pigeons or Seagulls on Street Lights

Prevent Pigeons or Other Birds from Perching on Pipes or Railings

Keep Crow, Ravens and Other Birds Out of Trees

Anti-Bird Nests Under Loading Docks

Stop Mud Swallow Colonies Under Eaves

Stop Bird Poop from Entering HVAC Equipment

Exclude Pigeons & Birds on or under Solar Panels

Get Rid of Vultures & Large Birds on Railings or Ledges

Stop Woodpeckers from Drumming & Drilling

Anti-Pigeons & Bird Droppings on Billboards


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