Bird Problems & Solutions

Bird Barrier
Get Rid of Pigeons, Sparrow & other Birds on Ledges
Bird Barreer
Stop Pigeons or Gulls on Roof Peaks
Bird Barrier
Block Pigeons or Other Birds on Sign Letters
Birds Barrier
Get Rid of Birds Nesting on Ledges
Exclude Sparrows or Other Birds in Protected Nooks
Bird Barrier
Block Birds in Underground Parking Lot Ledges
Bird Barrier
Block Pigeons or Seagulls on Street Lights
Bird Barrier
Prevent Pigeons or Other Birds from Perching on Pipes or Railings
Bird Barrier
Keep Crow, Ravens and Other Birds Out of Trees
Bird Barrier
Anti-Bird Nests Under Loading Docks
Stop Mud Swallow Colonies Under Eaves
Bird Barrier
Stop Bird Poop from Entering HVAC Equipment
Bird Barrier
Exclude Pigeons & Birds on or under Solar Panels
Bird Barrier
Get Rid of Vultures & Large Birds on Railings or Ledges
Bird Barrier
Stop Woodpeckers from Drumming & Drilling
Bird Barrier
Anti-Pigeons & Bird Droppings on Billboards

How to get rid of...


Pigeons are the number one pest bird in the world.


Sparrows, like pigeons, are not indigenous, and therefore aren’t protected.


Are a protected species, therefore control techniques must not hurt or kill them.


Crows are frequently a big agricultural pest bird due to their fondness for corn.

Bird Barrier

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Bird Barrier

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Border Controlâ„¢ for Roaches

A thin, paper-backed glue board that comes in a 60-foot roll.

Cimi-Shield® for Bed Bugs

A green solution that kills bed-bugs and other similar insects.

Extension Poles

Durable, lightweight poles for cleaning, scraping, painting and taking pictures far above your head.

Magnetic Rodent Control Devices

Position Bait Stations and Snap Traps where you never dreamed possible; vertical, horizontal, upside down.

Rat-Outâ„¢ Gel

It’s an instant OFF switch for rodent activity.

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