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Fire Fly II Bird Flight Diverter (ea)
Fire Fly II Bird Flight Diverter (ea)

The new 3"x5" Firefly II uses 3-in-1 fluorescent colors designed specifically to affect avian vision.  The Firefly II sways and spins in the wind, reflecting sunlight and glowing after dusk to deter birds from buildings, aqua/agricultural sites, and boats.

• 3"x5" Flapper features stainless steel swivel assembly, "S" hook, and crocodile clamp

• Projects UV light visible to birds in low light/foggy conditions at 6 lumens per cubic meter

• Combines motion, reflectivity, and light emissions that specifically affect avian vision

• Spins and sways in wind as light as 3MPH, increasing effectiveness

• Conduit or swivel bracket installation options

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