Bird Netting Done Right

StealthNet®  Product Introduction


Bird Barrier’s StealthNet Bird Netting is the strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system in the world. StealthNet denies pest birds access to literally any architectural configuration, including courtyards, roof tops, overhangs, parking garages, etc.

An Installation How-To Guide to StealthNet®


This video describes the various situations where StealthNet is effective for bird control and how to install the product.

Instrucciones para la Instalacion de Bird Barrier StealthNet en Espanol


Este video describe las diversas situaciones en las que StealthNet es efectivo para el control de aves y cómo instalar el product.

Bird Netting /StealthNet (Product Introduction in Español)


La red para aves StealthNet de Bird Barrier es el sistema de exclusión de aves más resistente y versátil del mundo. StealthNet niega el acceso de las plagas de aves a literalmente cualquier configuración arquitectónica, incluidos patios, techos, voladizos, estacionamientos, etc.

5 Things to Know About Bird Clean Up



Cleaning up bird droppings is THE most important step in removing birds from an area. Our expert Michael quickly goes over what the most important parts of clean up is.


5 Things to Know About StealthNet®



The world’s best commercial bird netting product StealthNet® bird netting protects property by keeping out pest birds. Strong and durable, StealthNet® bird netting is bird control netting for buildings, balconies, garages, barns, hangars, or other structures. Here’s five tips to know about it!




Raven Problems – 5 Things to Know

StealthNet included.


To learn more about specific products to deter crows & ravens.

Building a Netting Door Using StealthNet®


A clean and functional netting door was designed so that maintenance workers could perform HVAC maintenance without disturbing the netting install.