Electrostatic Disinfection Sprayer · 12v Battery Powered 4.2 Gallon Backpack · 5-40 Micron

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Electrostatic Spraying improved product adhesion to the surface, the media sprayed is broken down into very small charged particles that are attracted to the surface. This Electrostatic attraction allows for coverage of more surfaces than relying on a gravity-based spread of the droplets. The positively charged droplets will wrap around surfaces and attach themselves on vertical surfaces as well as the underside surface.


Powered by pulsed electric motors this sprayer produces spiral vibrating air to carry the droplets onto the surface. The high-pressure tips break the liquid down at the nozzle instantly with the fluid nebulizing into a mist with particle size from 5 to 50µm (micron). The sprayer sends this fine mist or fog rapidly spreading into the air offering a high penetration and adhesion.

Electrostatic spraying offers the best efficiency and coverage when sanitizing, deodorizing spraying insecticide, disinfection or deodorizer. Generally, you can use 50% to 65% less chemical to complete the same task.

This 12v Battery powered sprayer allows complete independence when spraying to allow movement around obstacles, furniture, equipment and cubicles.


Here the Sprayer is configured for wand spraying which produces larger 40µm droplets for faster application. Use a wand when you have large areas to spray, dozens of picnic or lunch/breakroom tables for instance.

When configured with the Air Gun attached the Electrostatic sprayer is using the misting tip to generate the smallest droplets. As these droplets are very lightweight the Air Gun assists in projecting the 5 to 10 micron droplets out onto the surface.


The Air Gun with its internal fan should be turned on first then the Spraying Pump switch on the backpack itself. When complete turn off the backpack pump and then the Air Gun afterward.


The Air Gun is best used indoors where a controlled fine mist is best at covering surfaces without drenching the surface.


Wand produces larger 40µm droplets

for large areas, tables, chairs, etc..



Air gun (cannon) generates the smallest droplets.

Lightweight, 5 to 10-micron droplets project out onto surfaces.


No need for external power supply, one-button start battery-powered

Waterproof high-speed brush-less fan.  Portable No-Contact Disinfection No pollution, zero-emission, no exhaust, low noise.
Intelligent automatic water cleaning cycle system. Large caliber water inlet and 5-40 micron cannon spray
Multi-functional imported ceramic spray head, can be switched at will, ultra-low, can be used both indoor and outdoor. No-contact disinfection
Long continuous 1.5 hour working for 3.5 hours on a single charge.

Electrostatic spraying offers up to a 5 times labor savings with a product consumption savings of 50% over standard pump spraying.

4 Gallon large capacity sprayer with a long spraying distance that is suitable for company or enterprise rapid sanitizing or deodorizing.

Offering a strong air supply for fast diffusion and stable atomizing of the fluid.

Offers a reduced working noise over other models with materials engineered to extend service life. Designed to be tough, absorb an impact if dropped offer with wear-resistant materials.

The sprayer includes a filter basket to reduce the possibility of clogging. When spraying soluble powders be sure to use this filter basket to strain the solution when added to the sprayer.


IMPORTANT: Be certain the lid is Tight!


If liquid has spread to the exterior of the backpack when filling dry the exterior of the backpack off with a towel. When the unit is moist the electrostatic charge can dissipate through this exterior moisture and potentially discharge onto the operator.


Disinfection Sterilization
Disease Prevention Anti-Virus
Epidemic Prevention Pest Control

Note: The air gun with its internal fan should be turned on first then the spraying pump switch on the backpack itself. When complete turn off the backpack pump first and then the air gun afterward.

Air Gun Fine Mister Components:


  Air gun with fine mister tip installed


  Replace the sprayer’s cannon with a long reach telescoping wand (22″ to 42″) with attachments with trigger controls in red at the handle.

  Variable cone spray tip offers direct operator control over spraying


  Dual nozzle tip used to quickly spray large areas.


  Single spray tip controls spraying at a larger volume than misting


Backpack Components


Internal Configuration of the Backpack

The Backpack has a Battery Space, Delivery Pump and Static Charge generator along with an On/Off switch for the Spray Pump


  Grounding Electrode

The Static Charge grounding electrode enhances the static charge that is conducted by air ionization and improves the electrostatic absorption effect.

Battery Installation

  12v AGM Battery – 7ah to 8ah capacity included. Battery Brand may Vary... 

Replacement is Item Code 150-063 –  The battery space in the backpack is very specific and any 12v battery that is 4in deep x 3in high x 6in wide will fit into the clip system.

  Back Pack base has 7 Screws

Remove the 7 screws from the base and carefully remove the bottom cover. TIP: Start at the On-Off Switch

  Battery Clip System

The battery Clips into the holder after attaching the leads, the cover has built-in clip supports to keep the battery in place.

  12v AGM Battery – 7ah capacity included.

The battery space in the backpack is very specific and any 12v battery that is 4in deep x 3in high x 6in wide will fit into the clip system.

  Slip the battery Terminals toward top of the base into the clips

The Clips Must easily retract over the battery for the vase to snap in place

  Battery Clip System

The battery Clips into the holder after attaching the leads, the cover has built in clip supports to keep the battery in place. 


  Preparing the place the cover onto the base of the sprayer.


  Re-attached Cover using the 7 Screws

Battery Installation


The air gun is best used indoors where a controlled fine mist is best at covering surfaces without drenching the surface.

Containment Protection

Pest Control Operation 

Residential/Commercial Maintenance

Retail and Public Space Cleansing










Law Enforcement

Food Workers

Tattoo Artists

Salon Workers

General Maintenance

Lead & Asbestos Abatement

Environmental Cleanup

Food Processing

Mold Remediation

Spray Painting

Crime Scene Investigation

Machine or Vehicle Maintenance

Metal Polishing


Cordless sprayer, battery, wall charger, nozzle adjuster, tank with lid and five tip types Electrostatic voltage: 15,000v to 30,000v
Droplet Size: 5-40μm (microns) Flow: 9oz./min 
Spraying Distance: 4′ to 15′ Tank Capacity: 4.2 Gallons
Unit Type: Portable Battery-Powered Sprayer No-Contact Disinfection
Dimensions: 14.96″ x 7.48″ x 21.25″  Weight: 15 lbs empty 
Sprayer Voltage: 12V DC  Working Pressure: 72psi
90-Day Warranty & SHIPPED FROM CARSON CALIFORNIA, USA Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Runtime: 1.5 hours per full charge on air gun fine mist sprayer / 4 to 6 hours using boom nozzle Charger Voltage: 110V, 50/60Hz – 13.8v output

PLEASE NOTE: Chemicals are not included with the unit.

Warnings and Safety

• The sprayer should only be operated and maintained by someone who is familiar with its operation and correct maintenance practices as outlined in this manual.

• Bird Barrier is not liable for decreased reliability, damages, or injuries due to improper maintenance or modifications to the sprayer.

• Be sure the lid is completely tightened before operating. Spillage could be poisonous and cause skin irritation or other injury. Clean the outside of the tank if any spillage occurs, and immediately clean skin if you come in contact with the chemicals inside.

• Wear eye protection and gloves when filling the sprayer, avoid contact with skin and eyes while filling and during operation.

• Liquids being put into the tank must be filtered clean of particles in order to keep the nozzle from becoming clogged. Do not use powders in the tank as this will cause buildup and clog the nozzle. If using soluble solutions, mix them outside the tank and then filter before pouring into the tank.

• ALWAYS REVIEW THE SAFETY INFORMATION AND WARNINGS FOR THE CHEMICALS USED IN THIS SPRAYER. Bird Barrier is not responsible for any injury associated with the chemicals used in the sprayer. Avoid using chemicals that are corrosive to metal or plastic. Always wear protective equipment to avoid ingesting or coming into contact with harmful chemicals.

• Do not use this sprayer in an explosive or flammable environment.

• Always keep the sprayer dry and clean. Do not submerge in water or use in an overly wet location to protect the motor and electronics from water damage.

• The use of strong acids or bases is prohibited. Other chemicals should be used in accordance with manufacturer instructions and safety warnings.

• Battery contains high voltage, DO NOT disassemble the sprayer yourself as electric shock could occur.

• Avoid contact with other persons during operation. Avoid touching the spray rod and charging port during operation.

• Place a megohmmeter in the area needing to be tested to make sure you have a true earth ground.

• Avoid all possible insulators:

• Do not wear insulated or rubber shoes. We recommend leather soles.

• Do not stand on paper unless it is conductive.

• Make sure the floor is clean and dry. Any liquid over-spray on the ground can act as an insulator.

• It is recommended to use a grounding strap. If using a grounding strap, make sure to always wear it during operation. These are not included with this unit.

• Grounding straps can be connected to the unit by clamping to the cable attachment found on the bottom of the unit.

10+ Sprayers – $375.00 Each

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Weight 18 lbs
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