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Optical Gel™

Greetings Architects



If bird pressure is found to

be heavy in this tall alcoved

entrance, then a span of

StealthNet would do the trick.


Once up, it goes unnoticed.

From the inside viewing it

outward, you quickly see that

it fades out of perception as

things like this do.






Bird-Shock is safe!

We swear!


It’s a low-profile technology

that disappears into the

lines of this structure once

secured along, for example, this

roof’s perimeter.


Five colors, solar, monitoring,

and most importantly, this is

by far our most invisible

product in our line.






These handrails fall within

the building’s envelope so, if

birds were a problem yet the

balcony needed to be used,

we’d protect them with the

simple, thin and attractive



Running the length

of the rails, this device has

minimum impact on the

environment’s usability or

your design.





Optical Gel™

We see that these small

roofs can be protected with

our easiest-to-install product,

Optical Gel.

Lasts for years, birds fear it

and you, if you want, can

install it. We also offer

training classes for

teams to get it done right.


Birds Constantly Pressure Your Design
Download Our Product Specs and CAD/DMG/DXF Files

Bird Barrier's Architect Resources

Specify Bird Barrier® products on your buildings. Bird droppings cause millions of dollars of damage to buildings in the US. Bird Barrier® products are specified on hundreds of new buildings and restoration projects every year.
Are you concerned that birds are marring the aesthetics of the buildings you design? Birds can deface buildings and bear disease-causing hazards. Prevent birds from landing on your buildings from the time they’re constructed. There are humane bird control measures for all kinds of construction, including bridges, public railway stations, high-rises and historical buildings.Bird Barrier offers a library of resources. Download CSI 3-part product specifications that include technical data and performance features. You can also download DWG and DXF formatted CAD details below.

 Bird-Shock Flex-Track®

Integrate Bird Barrier systems into your
specs making your building unattractive
to them (birds), but still beautiful to us (humans).

"The best solution to a problem

is no problem at all."

Our planners work
with your architects
and designers to
insure an aesthetically
pleasing design that
will stand the test of time.



Start a New Career or Expand Your Current Pest Business as a

Certified Bird Barrier Master Bird Control Specialist

Bird Barrier’s training classes have helped thousands of professionals become bird control experts since 1994.

Becoming a Bird Control Expert

If you have the desire, we'll make sure it happens.

Our classes are both informative and inspirational; our goal is to teach proper techniques while motivating sales people and technicians to find and sell profitable bird control solutions to building owners in their towns.

What might take years to learn in the field is taught in as little as eight hours by Bird Barrier’s experts, either in person or from our virtual studio in the comfort of your home or office.

Watch a video of our newly-trained techs talking about our classes and a few quoted highlights.

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