Bird Barrier’s StealthNet, Bird-Shock Flex-Track and Birdwire Protect a High-End Health Club.

At a four-story fitness center in Southern California, birds had found their comfort zone. Seagulls and pigeons were firmly entrenched on structural windscreens, under HVAC equipment, and in nooks and crannies on the roof. All of which was next to both a basketball court and a pool area.

Due to its proximity to club members, the risk associated with the bacteria found in bird droppings was a serious concern. In addition, the mess was clogging drains allowing 2 to 3 inches of water to accumulate on the flat roof.

StealthNet was chosen to close off the open air space above the HVAC equipment. The netting was attached horizontally at the same height as the windscreens, and support cables were strung under the netting every 25 feet to support the large span. This solution prevented the pigeons from flying in. In all about 17,000 square feet of netting was installed.

To the left, an attractive pool area. To the right, Stealth-Net tensioned over the entire roof area keeps pest birds from the HVAC equipment.

StealthNet and support cables are attached to the top of the chain link fence surrounding the basketball court.

The biggest challenge was hundreds of small openings that ran underneath the basketball court, allowing birds to re-enter the supposedly bird-free zone. Each one had to be blocked off. “We learned that pigeons are very determined,” said John Gran, the installer.





The tops of the windscreens were treated with a single row of Bird-Shock Flex-Track powered by a single solar charger.

Teak windscreens surround the pool area. Birds landing on the tops of these screens caused an unsightly mess for sunbathers. Birdwire Gutter Clamps were secured every five feet, and Birdwire was spring tensioned in between. This was an attractive and effective way to protect a narrow ridge. Birdwire Gutter Clamps secured Birdwire every 5 feet.






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