Pigeon Birth Control at Manufacturing Plants

OvoControl Offers Long-Term Pigeon Control

Pigeon Birth Control is necessary at manufacturing plantsOne of the most popular places for an OvoControl contraception project is a pigeon-plagued manufacturing plant. Any kind of manufacturing will do, although places that produce heat – foundry, mill, rail maintenance, glass, etc. – are often at the top of the list. Manufacturing facilities are often characterized by multiple structures which are typically just too large, costly or impractical to net. More often than not, the facility’s manager or engineer will tell you right up front that they have “tried everything” to control the pigeons and that the birds have been a menace for years.


Large plants most often require population abatement – supplemented by exclusion in high priority areas. These are perfect opportunities to sell a long-term OvoControl abatement program with recurring revenue, alongside stand-alone exclusion jobs.


This infested plant needed pigeon birth controlDon’t get caught up in trying to trap, shoot or poison your way to a solution. More often than not, the facility already has years of experience trying to “increase mortality” in one form or another. These techniques represent only a short term strategy and the pigeon population will recover and return with a vengeance.


Furthermore, if things go wrong, you can end up on the news as happened at the George Bush Airport recently. Everyone seems to have a smart phone with a camera and video these days and it is difficult or not impossible to prevent events from being recorded by employees or customers. This can get out of control quickly.


We recommend OvoControl for all facilities where abatement is required, but especially those where dead and dying birds could leave you with a problem on your hands. Think of it as pigeon birth control.

OvoControl® P is a specially formulated bait that interferes with the hatchability of eggs from pigeons. OvoControl® P contains nicarbazin, an active ingredient originally developed to prevent an enteric disease in chickens. Registered by EPA, OvoControl® P is approved for use in pigeons, geese and ducks. For more information on OvoControl, click here.

Costly Maintenance Problem Solved with OvoControl

Laughlin Resort

Site Description

Laughlin Resort Plagued by PigeonsLocated in Laughlin, NV, Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino is situated on the Colorado River. The expansive hotel includes 1,400 rooms in a high rise structure. In addition to a large casino and parking facilities, the hotel offers an RV park adjacent to the hotel.

The Problem

For years, pigeons were attracted by the food, quality nesting sites and shade from the intense summer heat. While not a large population of birds, loafing and nesting areas were extensive and pigeon debris represented a perennial maintenance issue, especially in the RV Park.

The OvoControl Solution

Previous attempts at exclusion and reducing the population were unproductive. Instead, the hotel installed a single OvoControl feeder on top of an outdoor restroom facility in the RV Park. Triggered daily, in the early morning hours when the pigeons are most hungry, the automatic feeder delivers the precise amount of bait
required for the population.

The Results

OvoControl Feeder Rid Resort of Pigeons in One YearWithin one year, there were no longer any pigeons at the Laughlin hotel and RV Park. This kind of performance is not unusual in the desert climate where summertime weather conditions are severe.

Pigeon Problem Overcome with OvoControl

Memorial-Hermann Hospital in Houston had a pigeon problem

Site Description

Memorial-Hermann in Northwest Houston is a 1,200 bed medical center. First constructed in the 1970s, it has been upgraded extensively and now includes a mix of more than a dozen structures, both old and new.


The Pigeon Problem

The hospital campus encompasses more than four city blocks with structures ranging from one to five stories. As in many parts of Houston, there was a high concentration of pigeons with an estimated population approaching 2,000 birds. Loafing and nesting areas were extensive and pigeon debris represented an infectious risk.


The Solution

Due to the vast numbers, live trapping was not effective since the remaining birds quickly backfilled the population. Instead the installer deployed a contraceptive program supplemented by a repelling strategy in critical areas (Eagle Eye).


The Results

OvoControl Feeder on the roof reduced the pigeon populationIn the first nine months bird pressure was reduced by approximately 75%, part due to OvoControl and part due to the repelling effect of Eagle Eye. In the most recent census, an estimated 500 birds remain attached to the property. The OvoControl program will continue to reduce the number of pigeons in the resident flocks at the rate of 50%, annually.


OvoControl P Protects Chemical Plant

OvoControl P reduces pigeon population

South Carolina Chemical PlantSouth Carolina has a highly developed chemical manufacturing industry. Chemical plants are typically characterized by large scope and extensive facilities and structures. “All Things Nature,” a pest control service provider based in Easley, SC developed a plan to manage pigeons at one of these facilities.

Feathers obstructed the ventilation unitsThe plant is relatively isolated from other commercial or residential activity. Site management had tried and failed with other techniques to control the pigeons. There were an estimated 200 pigeons at the plant loafing and nesting on different structures at the time All Things Nature started their program.

Beginning in November 2011, All Things Nature implemented an contraceptive program augmented by aggressive trapping to quickly draw down adult bird numbers. A single feeder was installed on the flat rooftop of a utility building, dispensing bait at sunrise each morning.

OvoControl P feederWithin six months there were just five pigeons remaining at the site. OvoControl P (reducing reproduction) in combination with aggressive trapping (increasing mortality) were successful in rapidly reducing the bird burden.

StealthNet and OvoControl: A One-Two Punch

In this video, see both the StealthNet and OvoControl applications. And hear what a happy cow sounds like celebrating his new bird-free home. And learn how the pest professional was able to attract the pigeons to the new food source.


A large steel farm building that houses a university’s agricultural animals had a serious problem. Though there is a roof, two of the sides are wide open, and the roof’s open beam structure provided thousands of feet of perching surfaces for pigeons.

StealthNet to the Rescue
Bird Barrier’s StealthNet was installed tightly under all the roosting points, and down the walls as well. Pigeons could still fly in, but were denied the opportunity to perch and contaminate the animal’s feed below.

OvoControl Program Added
To knock down the pigeon population humanely, an OvoControl feeder was installed near the barn. OvoControl is birth control for pigeons, and sites that utilize the product generally experience a 50% decrease in pigeons in the first year.