StealthNet and OvoControl: A One-Two Punch

In this video, see both the StealthNet and OvoControl applications. And hear what a happy cow sounds like celebrating his new bird-free home. And learn how the pest professional was able to attract the pigeons to the new food source.


A large steel farm building that houses a university’s agricultural animals had a serious problem. Though there is a roof, two of the sides are wide open, and the roof’s open beam structure provided thousands of feet of perching surfaces for pigeons.

StealthNet to the Rescue
Bird Barrier’s StealthNet was installed tightly under all the roosting points, and down the walls as well. Pigeons could still fly in, but were denied the opportunity to perch and contaminate the animal’s feed below.

OvoControl Program Added
To knock down the pigeon population humanely, an OvoControl feeder was installed near the barn. OvoControl is birth control for pigeons, and sites that utilize the product generally experience a 50% decrease in pigeons in the first year.