Optical Gel Deters Pigeons at a Tricky Site

A national pharmacy chain was having pigeon issues on gates that enclosed the dumpsters at the rear of the store. Pigeons were roosting along the tops of the doors and walls. On the picture below, you can see the pigeons under the eaves.

Paul Sowers of Carter Pest Control decided to try Bird Barrier’s Optical Gel to solve this problem. Optical Gel deters all bird species by triggering multiple sensory responses. First, the material emits UV light to make it appear as a flame to approaching birds. They see the flame and avoid the area. At the same time, the ingredients citronella and peppermint oil are offensive to birds, but mild and pleasant to humans. These scents mask the pheromones that birds use to identify their home. For the most stubborn birds, Optical Gel is sticky and will make any perch unpleasant should they choose to touch or stand on the product.

Paul cleaned the pigeon droppings off the ledges and door tops and placed the Optical Gel dishes in 10″ intervals, attached with silicone.








“After I was done, I sat in my truck and watched pigeon after pigeon try to fly up and go onto the ledges, they just flew away” said Paul. Video of this can be seen on https://youtu.be/rX29l56fbxs.

Optical Gel is a versatile product that can last from two to four years depending on environment.

Paul continued, “It’s a great tool for a pest controller’s arsenal and a revolutionary product. Netting and Bird spikes are still a better long-term solution, however there are instances where those are not an option and then Optical Gel is better.”

For more information on Optical Gel, please visit http://www.birdbarrier.com/products/optical-gel/  or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637/ (800) NO-BIRDS.



StealthNet successfully installed at San Diego transit station

A transit station of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) had bird problems. Pigeons were nesting on top of the elevator shafts. Bird droppings were everywhere on the stairwells.

MTS contacted experienced bird control installer John Sanchez to help solve the problem. After consulting Bird Barrier, it was clear for John that StealthNet was the best solution for this bird problem. StealthNet bird netting is one of the most versatile solutions for bird control, providing a discreet yet effective barrier against all types of nuisance birds without inflicting harm on the birds themselves.

Installer John Sanchez: “MTS cares about the looks of the station, and the netting had to be done right.” John first cleaned the area thoroughly, then installed the netting on the two towers of the station, using a boom lift:

John Sanchez worked on the project for 3 days. The project was very effective, the pigeons did not return to the premises.

“In my career, I’ve bird proofed many structures. My favorite bird proofing jobs are netting jobs. With Bird Barrier StealthNet, I am able to close off any structure with bird issues easier, better and more aesthetically pleasing.” John said.

For more info on Bird Barrier’s StealthNet product, please contact Bird Barrier: http://www.birdbarrier.com/products/stealthnet or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637 or (800) NO-BIRDS.


Gridwire Protects Fish Processing Facility

An historic building in a busy fishing port had an infestation of gulls on its roof. Hundreds, even thousands of birds would loaf on the flat roof and create a massive mess of droppings, feathers, and fish bones. Clearly a significant effort was required to resolve this problem.

The facility’s owners wanted a long-term solution, that did not need regular care or maintenance. They worked with the installer and settled upon Gridwire, an overhead network of wires positioned in a grid that keeps gulls from landing on the roof.

Gridwire systems will deny gulls and other sea birds access to large open areas. It is a system of poles, cables and wires installed so that wires make up large squares or rectangles, like a very large mesh net. It can be suspended in various horizontal and vertical patterns.

Gulls, whose eye site is not great, blurrily see the wires as they approach the roof and become nervous; they fear becoming trapped in a zone they don’t understand.

Gridwire is typically installed 6-8 feet above a flat roof, allowing workers to access the roof as they normally would. It is a humane solution; even if the gulls fly into the zone, they can’t be hurt by the wires, and can easily escape.












Bird Barrier offers two versions of wire; Gridwire or Florescent GridTwine, which is more visible to birds.







The response from the gulls was dramatic. They flew around the roof trying to figure out what had changed. Fortunately for the building’s owners, they settled on surrounding buildings; they fish processing facility was finally gull free.

Bird Barrier provides long lasting, humane bird deterrent products to solve any structural bird problem. The company works with hundreds of Certified Installers around the world. Learn more at www.birdbarrier.com or give us a call at 800-503-5444.

Daddi Long Legs Protects Boats from Birds

Birds, especially gulls and pigeons, love boats and the buildings around marinas. Birds love Bimini tops, booms, swim platforms, radars; you name it. On boats, most bird deterrents are an inconvenience.

Daddi Long Legs are ideal for seagulls and larger birds in light-medium pressure situations. The plastic base can be screwed into most surfaces, but an assortment of bases shown below can be used on boats without drilling holes.

Daddi Long Legs are practically invisible in the distance as you can see in the picture. Following our trend of humane products, the plastic tips prevent injury to birds and humans alike.

You can place Daddi Long Legs on areas of your boat that are attacked by birds!

There are different options to install Daddi Long legs:

Bird Railing Mount– Great for when the railing on the boat is being used as a perch.

Boat Base- The adapter attaches to the Daddi Long Legs base which is then attached to the boat with a bungee  cord or rope.

Sandbag Base-The weighted sandbag base can be used in areas where the standard base is not appropriate.

Need more information or have a unique situation and curious if Daddi Long Legs will work for you? Don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff at 800-503-5444, email us at customercare@birdbarrier.com or visit our website.

Bird-Coil and StealthNet Protect San Francisco Auto Dealership

The high-end auto dealership in the photos had two different kinds of pigeon problems. First, pigeons were loafing on the upper parapet cap and making a mess on the roof and sidewalks below. Second, they were roosting and nesting on the metal structure that supported fabric panels on the sides of the building. The sidewalk below had to be pressure washed on a daily basis.

The installer chose to install Bird-Coil as it is perfect for long, narrow, exposed ledges. Based on the simple premise that birds like a solid landing platform, Bird-Coil de-stabilizes the ledge, causing unwanted pigeons and gulls to take their mess elsewhere. The Coil resolved the problems on the roof immediately and the dealership was satisfied.

To keep the pigeons from getting in the space behind the fabric panels, StealthNet was installed. It was run between the panels, and from the edges of the panels back to the wall of the building. This essentially created a box that they could no longer enter.

StealthNet is low visibility polyethylene netting that is very strong and long lasting. It is secured to the structure with an assortment of stainless steel hardware that discretely holds it in place.

Thanks to the professional installation of both the Bird-Coil and the StealthNet, the dealership was able to spend more time washing cars, and less time washing sidewalks. It was a total success.


For more info on Bird Barrier’s Bird Coil product, please contact Bird Barrier: http://www.birdbarrier.com/products/bird-coil or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637 or (800) NO-BIRDS.