The 2017 Bird Barrier catalog is here!

Bird Barrier will mail its world renowned catalog this month. Know for it’s clear descriptions, wonderful photography and how-to tips, the catalog is a staple in the toolboxes of successful bird control professionals the world over. We’re sure you’ll agree that this year’s cover is one of the most creative we’ve ever put out.


Like past years, Bird Barrier is proud to introduce new products:

  • Optical Gel »a pre-dosed dish of gel that is stuck on buildings and repels birds with a visual and smell repellent .
  • Tower Guard » Tower Guard deters Gulls, Cormorants, Vultures, Osprey, Hawks and Owls and other large birds. It creates both a visual and physical barrier for railings and flat surfaces.
  • Black Net Rings » For the first time in the industry, Black net rings are available for the P7 hand ringer. Now you can cut way down on the visibility of rings on all black netting projects.
  • Flex T Connector » “T” Connector. Many jobs require time consuming T’s. Now those can be done just as quickly as straight and corner connections. The part can also hinge up or down for angled applications, like roof peaks.
  • Avian Fog Force TR and TR dispenser » Avian Fog Force TR Bird Repellent is an EPA-registered bird repellent that is effective against all types of nuisance birds and is suitable for use around humans, pets and livestock.

There are three ways to get your 2017 catalog:

  1. Requested a Printed Copy
  2. Download a PDF

The 2016 Bird Barrier Catalog is Here!

catcvrThe first day of spring is quickly approaching, which means warmer weather and more bird control jobs. Are you ready for the season? Bird Barrier can prepare you, starting with the 2016 Catalog. It’s bursting with new products to make your bird control installations easier. Here’s a taste of what you can expect…

  • Net Magnets » These come in handy when drilling or screwing is not an option.They are extremely quick to secure in place and can be useful for following contours of a metal substrate with our without a wire cable.
  • Black Net Rings » For the first time in the industry, Black net rings are available for the P7 hand ringer. Now you can cut way down on the visibility of rings on all black netting projects.
  • BirdSlide End Caps and Seam Connectors » Next Generation. Keep birds and wildlife from getting behind BirdSlide. Our extruded attachment slides onto the end. These new, molded connectors lock the ends together and fill the seam.
  • Bird-Shock Cellular Monitor » Instead of taking hours inspecting your track or wondering if it’s working properly, Cellular Monitor will notify you in seconds if there is any track-related issue.
  • Extension Poles » Longer, stronger, stiffer, lighter. Sell more bird control jobs by showing your customer their problem, without climbing a ladder.
  • Sparrow Trap Door Pole Mounting » Now, Trap Doors can be positioned on high shelves and hung from pipes (hanger included) from the safety of the ground.
  • Trap Door Repeater » The Trap Door can be secured to the top of a Bird Barrier Sparrow Trap. The Trap Door captures the first bird and drops it securely into the cage. Once inside, that bird attracts more birds.

There are three ways to get your 2016 catalog:

  1. Requested a Printed Copy
  2. View the Digital Edition
  3. Download a PDF

Here’s a Lenny Sales Tip For You

When evaluating a job, remember the 3 B’s.

Make sure when evaluating a potential bird control job you remember the 3 B’s: What Bird, Where on the Building, and What Behavior?

Carefully noting and evaluating your site on these three points helps you pick the right solution for the problem. Different Bird Barrier solutions are engineered for particular species of bird, specific parts of the building structure, and for either overnight roosting or daytime perching behavior.

When you know these three B’s, look on page 4 of your Bird Barrier catalog or call us at 800-NO-BIRDS to learn the correct solutions for your bird control problem. See more installation guidance at

Lenny Mongiello (on left), Sales Director at Bird Barrier, gives product installation tips at the NWCOA/NPMA Bird and Wildlife show in Atlanta on Feb 12th.