Bird Strikes Increasing as Fall Approaches

With fall approaching and the weather cooling down, don’t be surprised if you see more activity with birds migrating to warmer areas.

For pilots and airlines, this could be a huge problem as the number of bird strikes increase from 6,500 July to more than 9,000 in September and October.

However, it is not the larger birds that are causing the majority of the strike, but actually the smaller birds!

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Bird Strikes by Airplanes Becoming More Frequent

An editorial written for the Houston Chronicle argues that the FAA ought to know how many birds strikes occur each year and the damage they cause to the aviation industry.

A few comments and critiques about this subject/article have been written for the newspaper and can be accessed by clicking here.

This subject seems to be getting a lot of attention recently. To watch a short interview regarding bird control at airports – done by ABC News with Bird Barrier’s President, Cameron Riddell – go to: and click on the ABC 7 link.

Pest Control Truck Creates Problems for Aircraft

A RyanAir flight attempting to take off from Parma, Italy had to stop suddenly when they spotted a car at the end of the runway. Aviation officials later found out that the car was from a bird control company inspecting the runway to deter the bird away from it.

The Italian National Agency for Aviation Safety (ANSV) have launched an investigation into the incident, that is thought to be the result of a miscommunication between the car driver, and the control tower.”

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