Bird Barrier Launches Bidding Apps to its Website

Bird Barrier introduces two new helpful sales tools for the professional’s arsenal: The Product Advisor and The Quick Quote.

Product Advisor

Bird Barrier offers a wide assortment of products to deter birds from roofs, ledges, loading docks and more. With so many different scenarios, and bird species, it can often be challenging determining the very best solution. Are there sparrows nesting between beams and the roof? Or pigeons nesting under solar panels? What product should be used in these, and other, different scenarios? The new Product Advisor helps you to find the best product solution for any bird problem. This tool narrows your selection down based on just three simple questions:

1. What kind of bird is causing your bird problem?
2. What are the birds doing?
3. Where are they doing it?

After completing these three questions, Bird Barrier’s most effective product solutions will pop up, starting with the best.
After choosing the right program based on the Product Advisor, Bird Barrier’s Quick Quote can help figure out an estimate.

Quick Quote

Quick Quote helps you getting a quick estimate, so you can gauge the customer’s interest before making a final proposal. It is an easy way to get a feel for the how much the project may cost, and whether the customer is able to make the investment. The estimates can be saved for future use.
It’s very easy to use:

• Name the project, and the area on the building
• Select the product to be used
• Enter the length and width of the ledge, or area to be protected
• Rate the complexity (from Easy to Hard)
• Enter an estimate in dollars for cleaning
• Enter an estimate in dollars for lift rental
• Enter your company’s hourly rate
• Press “Calculate” and you will instantly have useful information

The Quick Quote will display a price range, not a final quotation, that can be discussed with the customer. If the customer is willing to learn more, the company should conduct a thorough inspection, measure accurately, create a materials list, and assess the costs of labor, cleaning, lift rental and other variables. Each Quick Quote result can be saved, and is automatically emailed to the user so it can be shared within the company.

These tools can be found at, under the “For Installers” link on the home page.
The Product Advisor does not require a login, but the Quick Quote does.



Sparrow Trap Door helps airport to remove birds

Indianapolis International airport had a bird problem. The birds, starlings and sparrows, came in through the front door as the passengers entered the building, especially when the weather turned cold. They normally flew up towards the ceiling, and since the airport has 140-foot ceilings, it was impossible to catch the birds.

Bird Barrier has a solution for this kind of bird problem, the Sparrow Trap Door. When set, the “Trap Door” is simply a welcoming platform with food. Birds stand on the platform eating until they press down on the perch. Suddenly, the floor gives way under them and they fall inside the ventilated box with a lid positioned securely above. When a bird is captured, it will remain quiet and calm within the holding box until it can be released safely outdoors.

Mike Medvescek, Director of Public Safety and Operations at the Indianapolis International Airport said: “We found the Sparrow Trap Door online and purchased four of them. The first day we caught three birds, we have caught eight more over the same weekend. I think we have two left in the terminal and we have strategically placed them around the inside the terminal in our civic plaza area where the food court is located. It is amazing how quick we catch them. Using French fries and bread as bait, we are catching the birds in front of the public, and release them back outside without injury. This humane trap option works well from the public’s perspective.”

This also shows how the Trap Door can be used in an open environment, without taking up much space or bothering customers.

Mike said: “The Sparrow Trap Door is a great invention, they work wonderfully and I would recommended them to anyone. It is a safe product, and catches birds without the use of poison. The traps work very well for the needs of the Indianapolis International Airport.”

For more information on Trap Doors, please visit or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637/ (800) NO-BIRDS.


No barriers for success

Bird Barrier provides Seavers Beavers with a solution for the toughest infestation

Micah Seavers knows good advice when he hears it. So when his wife suggested he quit spending so much money on his “wildlife hobbies,” he did just that. He opened Seavers Beavers and More Nuisance Wildlife Removal, based in Water Valley, Ky., and began earning money doing what he loves. More great advice came a few years later, when a fellow wildlife professional suggested Seavers consider working with Bird Barrier and expand into the bird management market. Now, three years after forming a relationship with Bird Barrier, his business is booming.

Recently, Seavers’ bird management skills were put to the test when he landed his largest bird job to date — a $20,000 elementary school account that was overrun by European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). The problem was so bad, the health department wouldn’t let the school open until the birds were eradicated. “The feces, dead birds and broken eggs were everywhere,” Seavers recounts. “They had outside eating areas that the kids couldn’t even sit at — you couldn’t walk into the school without walking in bird mess.” Because of the school’s beautiful architecture, Seavers wanted something that would look clean on the columns and blend in with the structures. His next step was simple. He took some photos of the project and sent them to Ray Olschewski, his rep at Bird Barrier. Olschewski suggested using Bird-Shock Flex-Track, an electrified track that conforms to any architectural configuration and delivers an intermittent shock when touched.

“Ray walked us through the installation process step-by-step to make sure I was confident in what I was doing,” Seavers explains. With the help of Olschewski and the team at Bird Barrier, Seavers and his coworker worked from sunup to sundown to complete the job in just under a week. To the joy of the students and teachers (or perhaps to their dismay), the school was able to open on time.

A pillar at the elementary school before and after Seavers’ team installed Bird-Shock Flex-Track.

“The only callback I’ve received was a thank-you from the principal and teachers,” says Seavers. “They’re just ecstatic.”

For more information on Bird-Shock Flex-Track, go to Flex-Track or or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637 or (800) NO-BIRDS.

Optical Gel Deters Pigeons at a Tricky Site

A national pharmacy chain was having pigeon issues on gates that enclosed the dumpsters at the rear of the store. Pigeons were roosting along the tops of the doors and walls. On the picture below, you can see the pigeons under the eaves.

Paul Sowers of Carter Pest Control decided to try Bird Barrier’s Optical Gel to solve this problem. Optical Gel deters all bird species by triggering multiple sensory responses. First, the material emits UV light to make it appear as a flame to approaching birds. They see the flame and avoid the area. At the same time, the ingredients citronella and peppermint oil are offensive to birds, but mild and pleasant to humans. These scents mask the pheromones that birds use to identify their home. For the most stubborn birds, Optical Gel is sticky and will make any perch unpleasant should they choose to touch or stand on the product.

Paul cleaned the pigeon droppings off the ledges and door tops and placed the Optical Gel dishes in 10″ intervals, attached with silicone.








“After I was done, I sat in my truck and watched pigeon after pigeon try to fly up and go onto the ledges, they just flew away” said Paul. Video of this can be seen on

Optical Gel is a versatile product that can last from two to four years depending on environment.

Paul continued, “It’s a great tool for a pest controller’s arsenal and a revolutionary product. Netting and Bird spikes are still a better long-term solution, however there are instances where those are not an option and then Optical Gel is better.”

For more information on Optical Gel, please visit  or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637/ (800) NO-BIRDS.



Become a Bird Control Professional

Learn from the Leader

Bird Barrier has made a name for itself for offering the most comprehensive support in the industry. Thousands of companies credit us with helping them significantly in their bird control businesses. Bird Control is a great way to find new customers and earn more revenue from your existing customers.


Become a Certified Installer

Birds are intelligent creatures that present a problem for thousands of building owners, and an opportunity for you. Bird Barrier’s one-day class gives you the tools to successfully plan and implement a bird control program for your customers. Gain the advantage you need with our hands-on seminar. We have added a NEW 1-hour segment on Bird Barrier Optical Gel.

Upcoming Class Dates

August 18, 2017
Bass Pro Shop
7905 S Hosmer St.
Tacoma, WA 98408
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August 24, 2017
Bass Pro Shop
1356 Bass Pro Dr.
Manteca, CA 95337
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8:00am – 4:00pm • Lunch Included • $50/person


It Only Takes a Day

You’ll discuss the methods proven to win you jobs. You will learn why customers buy, learn how to price jobs, get proposal tips and develop strategies on finding more prospects.

  • Bird biology and behavior
  • Permanent, non-lethal products to solve any bird problem
  • Which products are effective against different species
  • Analyze a site to select the correct products for each problem area

NEW: 1-Hour Optical Gel Class

Our newly introduced Bird Barrier Optical Gel allows any pest control company to start a profitable bird control program. Stop turning away small bird jobs and solve them with a very simple approach to bird control that includes Woodpeckers! The one hour class teaches proper prep, installation and how to sell very effective and profitable bird jobs. Optical Gel training takes place during the first hour of the full-day class.


What Installers Are Saying About Bird Barrier’s Class

“A Goldmine of Opportunity”

I want to thank you for your informative seminars on bird work. Our industry is ever-evolving and your updated expertise is a goldmine of opportunity to do this type of work. As a result, I am now doing a one-week job in British Columbia next week. I will use my skills I learned in your seminar.

Shawn McDonald, Route Manager
Abell Pest Control

“So Much Useful Information”

I have been in the Pest Control field for 28 years. Even with these many years of experience, I found your seminar to be very informative. With my level of expertise, it is not very often that I attend a seminar and gather so much useful information. Thank you for providing this informative learning experience.

Vince Davis, Owner
Bird & Bat Control Specialists

“Genuine in Their Desire to Help”

I recently attended a Bird Barrier training course in Las Vegas. I am new in the pest control industry and had very little knowledge and no experience at all on bird control. After attending the class, I feel very confident and prepared to do bird control jobs. My product knowledge is much higher now. The hands-on training provided during the class was extremely helpful.

Joe Palmer
Hughes Professional Services