Blackbirds falling from the sky, again!?

The same time last year, we had written about thousands of blackbirds falling from the sky in Arkansas. So, who would have thought this would occur again? In celebration of New Year’s Eve, residents set off fireworks. It is believed that the noise made the birds stressed and disoriented causing them to crash into buildings and cars.

In 2010, the combination of the dead blackbirds and dead drum fish washing up on the shores of the Arkansas River, conspiracy theorists and filmmakers speculated about an apocalypse.

“I guess we could have an annual blackbird watch. People can just bring their umbrellas, open them up and walk through the neighborhood and hope they don’t get hit, Beebe Police Chief Wayne Ballew said.

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Birds Crash Land

In St. George, Utah thousands of migratory birds plummeted to their deaths after mistaking snow covered areas for bodies of water. About 1,500 birds had died, while around 3,000 were rescued by volunteers and the local wildlife program.

“The storm clouds over the top of the city lights made it look like a nice, flat body of water. All the conditions were right,” said Teresa Griffin, wildlife program manager for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resource’s southern region.

The birds were “eared grebes,” a bird that resembles a duck and were likely heading to the Mexican coast when they stopped for a short break.

Kevin McGowan, who studies birds at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, N.Y., said grebes rely on starlight to navigate during their nighttime migration.However, the artificial lights disorients birds and their sense of direction as well as visibility.

The rescued birds were brought back to bodies of water where they seemed energetic, according to officials.

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Seagulls in the winter?

With the cold weather approaching, you would think all birds would be flying south. Unfortunately, for a townhouse complex in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, hundreds, if not thousands of seagulls are flocking to the rooftops of the development. The town recently held a meeting to discuss the situation and how to resolve it.

“At least 25 residents came out to the Tinton Falls Borough Council meeting on Tuesday to relay to officials the scary details of trying to live their lives surrounded by the feathered interlopers, which includes feces-covered cars, patios and furniture and children unable to play outside,” reported Amy Brynes from the Eatontown-Tinton Falls Patch.

The situation has become so severe that the odor permeating from the bird droppings has caused the residents to shut their windows. The main source of the the seagull’s stay is the neighboring landfill and the Monmouth Regional Health Commission is doing everything they can to eliminate any type of food source.

“In a natural environment they are wonderful things,” a resident said of the gulls, “Here, they present a health hazard.”

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The Misunderstood Crow

Did you know that crows are incredibly intelligent? They are right on par with the chimpanzee, as these two animals share the same ability as humans to make and use tools. An example of their intelligence is that they will drop shelled nuts up in the air and down to the pavement in order to crack them open. Or they will drop the nut strategically in an area where a car is passing. They even watch and understand traffic lights in order to safely go ahead and fetch their meal!

Interesting Facts About Crows

  • Very family oriented
  • Mate for life
  • Owl is their natural predator
  • Mimic certain calls of other birds, animals, and even humans
  • Although dark and gloomy in appearance, they are not a good killer. Their beak is dull and must wait for another animal to puncture foods such as carcasses
  • Less of a urban pest than pigeons, but thrive in agricultural settings
  • Federally protected
  • Northern birds will fly thousands of miles during the winter, while southern birds stay put
  • Can live up to 7 years in the wild, but 20 years in captivity

However, the crow’s intelligence may be used as a defense against humans, making it difficult to protect areas the birds are creating a nuisance.
Bird Spikes as well as StealthNet are good options to move the population of crows to a different area.

Check out this video of a crow used a wire as a hook to grab food.

Crows using cars to crack nuts for dinner

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Anchovies, anyone?

In Santa Cruz, Calif., humpback whales, which can measure up to 50 feet long are attracting not only onlookers, but hundreds of hungry seagulls.

The whales feed on anchovies which then escape closer to the surface, giving the seagulls a clear shot to dive in and fill their bellies.

This mess of a situation has caused a boat to flip over and a sailboat to be stricken.

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