Seagulls in the winter?

December 28, 2011, Bahar

With the cold weather approaching, you would think all birds would be flying south. Unfortunately, for a townhouse complex in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, hundreds, if not thousands of seagulls are flocking to the rooftops of the development. The town recently held a meeting to discuss the situation and how to resolve it. “At least […]

Don’t Look Up!

December 2, 2011, Bahar

In Jonesborough, Tennessee, the old Washington County courthouse is being plagued by none other than pigeons…and lots of them. There are about 150-200 pigeons perching above the courthouse. Recently, the situation with the droppings has increasingly become worse, leaving the county to take steps of prevention. “If this keeps on, somebody’s going to get sick,” […]

West Nile Virus

October 6, 2011, Bahar

In Lomita, California a dead bird tested positive for the West Nile Virus. The disease has already been reported in 101 separate zip codes from dead birds to mosquitoes and chickens. The West Nile Virus was brought back to our attention in September when more and more cases of the virus were being found in […]

Bird Strikes Increasing as Fall Approaches

September 30, 2011, Bahar

With fall approaching and the weather cooling down, don’t be surprised if you see more activity with birds migrating to warmer areas. For pilots and airlines, this could be a huge problem as the number of bird strikes increase from 6,500 July to more than 9,000 in September and October. However, it is not the […]

Arrested for feeding the birds!?

September 29, 2011, Bahar

In Henderson, Nevada, the city has been struggling silently with their pigeon problem for years. Now, in hopes to get rid of the 750,000 to a million pigeons found in just one county, they are enforcing a law that will stop people from creating attractive environments for the pigeons. For example, feeding the birds or […]


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