Employee Spotlight: Scott Smith

scottsmithbScott Smith is Bird Barrier’s longest employee, a seasoned professional and the heart and soul of the Bird Barrier inventory warehouse system. Scott started with Bird Barrier in 1994. His brother’s girlfriend was the receptionist. A big shipment needed unloading and some help was required. Theresa said her boyfriend’s younger brother could come by and help unload. He’s been here ever since, and is now Bird Barrier’s longest serving employee.

As a warehouse manager, Scott inspects and verifies every order to insure accuracy and quality. Knowing how critical each project is, Scott also makes sure all the components that are needed to complete projects are included in the order. He gets along with everyone and has a smile on his face everyday. If you’re in a bad mood you can be sure he will do something to try and make you laugh or brighten up your day. Scott is married and has one son.

Bedecked in his signature grey hoodie–regardless of outside temperature–Scooter can sling insults with the best of them while maintaining a wink of irreverence that keeps everyone on their toes. Scott exemplifies the kind of support that is needed for success in the business of pest bird management. Scott is the soul of Bird Barrier!

Who Can You Call? Bird Barrier!

Want help with a purchase, need to clarify an order, find out about a delivery estimate, or even get expert bird advice?

Call Amanda Siravo or Diana Lomeli, two of Bird Barrier’s outstanding customer service/sales representatives at the Carson, California Bird Barrier office.

You can ask Amanda and Diana questions starting at 7am each morning. They advise Bird Barrier customers before, during, and after a purchase. Their daily goal is to exceed customers’ expectations, and she routinely does. They understand birds, bird deterrent products, purchasing, catalog information, order tracking, and technical support. No wonder customers love them.

Amanda and Diana are especially knowledgeable about woodpeckers. They know woodpeckers are some of the most difficult bird species to deter, so they assist customers in understanding the different woodpecker-specific products such as Bird Barrier’s spray deterrent and paint/stain additive. They explain that combining products is often necessary when trying to rid the pesky peckers.  When Amanda and Diana offer expertise, customers feel confident with their purchase.

Amanda and Diana want customers to know: Bird Barrier values their business. So, they often go above and beyond their usual daily responsibilities. Bird Barrier customers appreciate that they will perform quickly and accurately. They are efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous, they say.

You can reach Amanda and Diana, or any of our dedicated customer service representatives, at 800-503-5444.




Don’t Look Up!

In Jonesborough, Tennessee, the old Washington County courthouse is being plagued by none other than pigeons…and lots of them.

There are about 150-200 pigeons perching above the courthouse. Recently, the situation with the droppings has increasingly become worse, leaving the county to take steps of prevention.

“If this keeps on, somebody’s going to get sick,” said Jake Hensley, Washington County courthouse maintenance director.

The county has suffered with the pigeons and their droppings for nearly two decades. However, without effective bird control, the situation turned into a dangerous one.

Bird Barrier offers various products to help get rid of these birds such as Bird-Shock Flex Track, Bird Spikes, OvoControl, Avihaze and Eagle Eye. Selection of products is based on the birds’ landing location and whether they’re nesting.

Check out the article article and video below!

The Flying Rat

It’s safe to say that humans and wild pigeons are not the best of friends. While there is a certain breed of pigeon bred for racing, and domesticated by humans, the pigeons perched on the side of your house, or walking along your balcony, are not that kind.

One unique thing about pigeons is that they are not afraid of humans. These birds thrive in human habitats. They can eat a wide array of food types, including human food which is why they have become so accustomed to human environments.

Since they enjoy human habitats so much, pigeons can pose a nuisance to both residential and business owners. Pigeons are known to transmit diseases and their droppings contain several threatening agents, including bacteria, fungi and even parasites. These agents can cause sicknesses similar to the flu, and potentially even worse!

Not only do these birds pose a health risk, but they are an immediate threat to your property. Their  droppings can build up a lot quicker than you would expect causing backed up drains or gutters. The uric acid found in their feces is also highly corrosive causing damage to buildings. They can erode wood, damage steel, destroy air conditioning units.  On top of that, they can present a situation in which humans may slip and fall.

The most effective method for deterring pigeons from your property is the 2″ StealthNet . StealthNet is a permenant solution as it is meant to completely seclude the area .

Another option is the Bird-Shock Flex-Track . This track emits a small, painless electrical shock to birds. It is a humane way of modifying the behavior of pigeons roosting on your property by conditioning them to not come back. It also has a sleek design that won’t take away from the aesthetics of your property.

Bird Spikes are another popular option as long as the birds aren’t nesting. The spike literally disables the birds from landing on the protected area. However, the spikes are dull enough that they cannot harm the birds.

Call 1(800)503-5444 for a consultation on products that will eliminate your pigeon problem. Or visit BirdBarrier.com and get all of the information you need as well as other options for your problem.