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Employee Spotlight: Scott Smith

February 15, 2017, admin

Scott Smith is Bird Barrier’s longest employee, a seasoned professional and the heart and soul of the Bird Barrier inventory warehouse system. Scott started with Bird Barrier in 1994. His brother’s girlfriend was the receptionist. A big shipment needed unloading and some help was required. Theresa said her boyfriend’s younger brother could come by and […]

Who Can You Call? Bird Barrier!

February 21, 2012, Matt

Want help with a purchase, need to clarify an order, find out about a delivery estimate, or even get expert bird advice? Call Amanda Siravo or Diana Lomeli, two of Bird Barrier’s outstanding customer service/sales representatives at the Carson, California Bird Barrier office. You can ask Amanda and Diana questions starting at 7am each morning. They […]

Don’t Look Up!

December 2, 2011, Bahar

In Jonesborough, Tennessee, the old Washington County courthouse is being plagued by none other than pigeons…and lots of them. There are about 150-200 pigeons perching above the courthouse. Recently, the situation with the droppings has increasingly become worse, leaving the county to take steps of prevention. “If this keeps on, somebody’s going to get sick,” […]

The Flying Rat

September 29, 2011, Bahar

It’s safe to say that humans and wild pigeons are not the best of friends. While there is a certain breed of pigeon bred for racing, and domesticated by humans, the pigeons perched on the side of your house, or walking along your balcony, are not that kind. One unique thing about pigeons is that […]

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