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Bird Barrier Launches Bidding Apps to its Website

March 14, 2018, Mariel

Bird Barrier introduces two new helpful sales tools for the professional’s arsenal: The Product Advisor and The Quick Quote. Product Advisor Bird Barrier offers a wide assortment of products to deter birds from roofs, ledges, loading docks and more. With so many different scenarios, and bird species, it can often be challenging determining the very […]

Sparrow Trap Door helps airport to remove birds

March 7, 2018, admin

Indianapolis International airport had a bird problem. The birds, starlings and sparrows, came in through the front door as the passengers entered the building, especially when the weather turned cold. They normally flew up towards the ceiling, and since the airport has 140-foot ceilings, it was impossible to catch the birds. Bird Barrier has a […]

Woodpecker problem solved with Optical Gel

February 23, 2018, admin

Joe Martorelli of United Exterminating was asked to help with a woodpecker problem in a residential area in Peoria, Arizona. The home had a large shop in the back, and the woodpecker had riddled that structure with holes. The owner had tried to patch up the holes a few times, but after a few months, […]

Bird Barrier America celebrates its 25th Anniversary

February 12, 2018, admin

Bird Barrier America certainly has soared to the horizon and beyond since the company took flight in 1993. Back then, Bird Barrier offered just three products warehoused in a small facility in Redondo Beach, Calif. What a difference a quarter-century makes! Today, Bird Barrier America operates an expansive facility in Carson, Calif., and offers thousands […]

Bird Barrier’s StealthNet installed with zippers

January 22, 2018, admin

Pest control specialist Brandon Sanders of Sanders Wildlife Inc. was asked to do a repair netting job at a location of a national supermarket chain. Birds used to hang out above the window of the pharmacy unit. The bird netting, originally installed by another company was torn and not attached. One of the reasons that […]