Bird Barrier’s StealthNet installed with zippers

Pest control specialist Brandon Sanders of Sanders Wildlife Inc. was asked to do a repair netting job at a location of a national supermarket chain. Birds used to hang out above the window of the pharmacy unit. The bird netting, originally installed by another company was torn and not attached.
One of the reasons that the netting had been torn was because the clients had to tear into the net to replace light bulbs. Bird Barrier offers a solution for the problem of not having access behind bird netting; StealthNet zippers.

StealthNet Zippers can be installed to open netting for horizontal or vertical access, using net rings. Their heavy duty marine construction insures the zipper’s long-life. Sanders says: “Upon repairing we installed Bird Barrier Zippers for access, which made all the difference.” See picture below.

After installing StealthNet, Sanders got another call from the customer. The birds had not gotten around the net but started using the gap between the tin roof to enter. Sanders says: “We installed black foam blocks in all the gaps found at the tin roof. The job is complete with no further problems.”

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StealthNet successfully installed at San Diego transit station

A transit station of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) had bird problems. Pigeons were nesting on top of the elevator shafts. Bird droppings were everywhere on the stairwells.

MTS contacted experienced bird control installer John Sanchez to help solve the problem. After consulting Bird Barrier, it was clear for John that StealthNet was the best solution for this bird problem. StealthNet bird netting is one of the most versatile solutions for bird control, providing a discreet yet effective barrier against all types of nuisance birds without inflicting harm on the birds themselves.

Installer John Sanchez: “MTS cares about the looks of the station, and the netting had to be done right.” John first cleaned the area thoroughly, then installed the netting on the two towers of the station, using a boom lift:

John Sanchez worked on the project for 3 days. The project was very effective, the pigeons did not return to the premises.

“In my career, I’ve bird proofed many structures. My favorite bird proofing jobs are netting jobs. With Bird Barrier StealthNet, I am able to close off any structure with bird issues easier, better and more aesthetically pleasing.” John said.

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Bird-Coil and StealthNet Protect San Francisco Auto Dealership

The high-end auto dealership in the photos had two different kinds of pigeon problems. First, pigeons were loafing on the upper parapet cap and making a mess on the roof and sidewalks below. Second, they were roosting and nesting on the metal structure that supported fabric panels on the sides of the building. The sidewalk below had to be pressure washed on a daily basis.

The installer chose to install Bird-Coil as it is perfect for long, narrow, exposed ledges. Based on the simple premise that birds like a solid landing platform, Bird-Coil de-stabilizes the ledge, causing unwanted pigeons and gulls to take their mess elsewhere. The Coil resolved the problems on the roof immediately and the dealership was satisfied.

To keep the pigeons from getting in the space behind the fabric panels, StealthNet was installed. It was run between the panels, and from the edges of the panels back to the wall of the building. This essentially created a box that they could no longer enter.

StealthNet is low visibility polyethylene netting that is very strong and long lasting. It is secured to the structure with an assortment of stainless steel hardware that discretely holds it in place.

Thanks to the professional installation of both the Bird-Coil and the StealthNet, the dealership was able to spend more time washing cars, and less time washing sidewalks. It was a total success.


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Bird Barrier’s StealthNet solves bird problem on State of Texas Capital Building

Town Lake Construction, IMG_5586-1b a bird control installer from Austin, Texas, installed Bird Barrier’s StealthNet bird netting on the South and North entrances of the State of Texas Capital Building. This historical building was having issues with pigeons and sparrows.


A 135′ boom-lift was incorporated with scaffolding for access.

Because of the historical aspect of this building, the normal anchoring system could not be used. Britainny Cason, of Town Lake ConIMG_5586bstruction: “In place of it, we used stainless steel eye-bolts that were epoxy’d into the existing mortar joints. SDS drills were used to install the cabling for the bird netting.”



The result of this hard work was excellent; a bird free Capital State building, whereas the netting is invisible from the outside. “It was a real pleasure and challenge to work on such a historically valuable building”, according to Britainny.  This project is also being featured in national trade magazines.

IMG_5587b IMG_5594b

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Stealthnet Protects Student Housing at University Campus

IMG_0027bDon Walton from Orkin does maintenance Pest work with a university in Virginia. Recently they told him about a bird problem they were dealing with; pigeons were nesting on the balcony of a student’s housing complex. The ‘Honors’ student housing to be precise. They were nesting and making a mess, and a prior solution, a sonic bird deterrent didn’t do the job.


Don consulted Bird Barrier, and they decided that Stealthnet netting was the best solution for this bird problem. Don Walton had never installed a net before, and this was a semi technical install considering the height (which required a large lift) and the location. This level would normally be in the hands of an experienced installer, but Don Walton was ready to take this on. Bird Barrier’s Tony Jetton assisted with strategic advice, like providing marked photos to reference where the Cable and Hardware had to go, and helping him with product selection and installation strategies.


IMG_0032 IMG_0039 IMG_0037b


“The university is very sensitive about the looks of the building, and the netting had to be done perfectly straight.” Don said. They used four nets sealing off the perimeters. Don worked on the project for 3 days straight. The result was fantastic; the net blended in very well with the front, and birds could not enter the balcony area anymore. Job well done.

For more info on Bird Barrier’s Stealthnet product, please contact Bird Barrier: or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637 or (800) NO-BIRDS.