What Professionals Are Saying About the Flex-Track Connectors


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snap“I recently learned that I had won a bid on a large bird exclusion project for a power company. I was very excited until I learned that I was to be given a one-month deadline for a job that would normally take at least 3 months to complete. It became imperative that I find a way to cut labor time while simultaneously increasing productivity. Lucky for me, I had received a complimentary bag of the new Bird-Shock Flex-Track Quick Connectors from Bird Barrier. Since I had nothing to lose, I decided to give them a try. I was very impressed to see how much faster and easier the new Quick Connectors are to use versus the former style. They cut down the install time by 70% and allowed me to finish the job not only on time, but under budget. In addition, the finished project had a more refined and professional appearance. I highly recommend this item and extend my thanks to Bird Barrier for such a well-made product.”

John Simpkins, Project Manager
Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, Edgewood, MD



Flex Connector Straight with Jumpers“As you know, Advocate Pest & Wildlife Specialists provides pigeon extraction throughout the United States on all levels of service. Recently, we were contracted to install deterrents on several gas station canopies that were suffering from major pigeon infestations.

I am pleased to report that your newly-designed system connectors exceed all expectations. Not only did the new design assist in the ease of installation, but cut my labor cost on that job by 18%.  My technicians were able to complete the job in ample time, saving our company hundreds of dollars.

I look forward to providing pigeon control to our clientele in the future utilizing Bird Barrier exclusively. There is no other system more durable or easier to install.”

Sandra Stewart, Owner/Operator
Advocate Pest & Wildlife Specialists, Yuma, AZ



DSC_0490“I have used Bird Barrier’s new connections on several high-profile jobs. They are very easy to use and save me a lot of time in the installation process. They snap on quickly and enable my crew to be done in a fraction of the time. The connectors lock down tightly and I am very confident that they make a great connection. The finished product looks incredible and very professional. As always, Bird Barrier steps up to make another great product.”

Matthew Green
Bird Abator, Torrance, CA



catspic“Just a heads up with regards to your new Quick Connectors when installing the Flex-Track system. They’re absolutely wonderful. We used them on our last job and are very pleased with the new snap-on technology. We appreciate the innovation at Bird Barrier. It seems like you guys are constantly striving to make these installations easier and better. Keep up the good work!”

Michael Hunt, Service Manager
Cats USA Pest Control, North Hollywood, CA

Bird Netting Keeps Birds Away from Dining Customers

Most beachfront hotels have outdoor restaurants where guests can enjoy relaxing meals by the sea. Unfortunately all too often birds enjoy the dining experience more than the paying guests. (Note: The restaurant in this photo is protected by StealthNet bird netting).
Most beachfront hotels have outdoor restaurants where guests can enjoy relaxing meals by the sea. Unfortunately all too often birds enjoy the dining experience more than the paying guests. (Note: The restaurant in this photo is protected by StealthNet bird netting).

Aruba Beach Restaurants Solve Pressing Bird Issue With StealthNet Bird Netting

Imagine a beachside restaurant at a luxury hotel. Could be Hawaii, or the Caribbean, or maybe even the South Pacific. In this case it’s Aruba. You take a seat with your family for breakfast, relishing in what is about to be an enjoyable occasion; selecting your favorite breakfast treats from the well-stocked buffet, and eating just a little bit more than you should. Paradise, right? Not so fast.

A resident flock of sparrows, starlings, pigeons or maybe even an exotic bird species has made themselves just as comfortable, in fact more so. They also look forward to their breakfast or lunch, and are quite at home on the tables, chairs, umbrellas, floor and even the food stations where you are about to grab that tasty croissant. In some restaurants they are so aggressive they can land on your table, while you are sitting there, and steal food from right in front of you.

You don’t have to be an ornithologist (bird expert) to figure out this is a bad situation. It’s unhealthy, exceedingly annoying and even dangerous, and nobody I’ve ever spoken to wants to repeat the experience after his or her first time.

Using a discreet cable framework and StealthNet from Bird Barrier, outdoor restaurants can be protected from the birds.
Using a discreet cable framework and StealthNet bird netting from Bird Barrier, outdoor restaurants can be protected from the birds.

For their part, the hotels are just as frustrated as the customers, maybe even more so. They are the ones who try to shoo the birds away, post “Don’t Feed the Birds” signs, clean up after them, refund meals (expensive), and try to think of clever ways to eliminate, or at least reduce, the problem.

Mr. Marin Bijl, the manager of the Divi Aruba Beach Resorts in Aruba, had been struggling with this exact problem for years, and really felt as if he’d tried everything. “I’d tried noise makers, smelly fogs, spikes, fake owls, sticky gels, everything, and nothing worked,” he said.

Luckily, help was just around the corner. Hans Holwerda’s pest control company, Professional Pest Control of Aruba, had just received training from Bird Barrier America, Inc., a US based manufacturer of bird deterrent products, and they had specifically addressed this issue. In fact Cameron Riddell, Bird Barrier’s president, visited several of the hotels in Aruba and witnessed the problem himself. “It was bad, but nothing I hadn’t seen before,” Mr. Riddell stated. “Sometimes I’m at these sites on business, but sometimes I’m on vacation with my family, and know first hand how annoying this can be. There’s nothing worse than sitting down on a chair with a fresh deposit of bird droppings,” he continued.

A wooden framework and hanging bead door has been constructed to match the structure and block access by the hungry birds.
A wooden framework and hanging bead door has been constructed to match the structure and block access by the hungry birds.

One of Bird Barrier’s main products is StealthNet exclusion bird netting, which is used to keep birds out of all sorts of buildings, like airplane hangars, warehouses, etc. StealthNet bird netting is thin yet strong, and made from UV stabilized polyethylene twine. It is secured to a building using a variety of different attachments, and when it is installed properly it is almost invisible. StealthNet bird netting is also available in a variety of different colors, although black is actually the least visible.

When used at an outdoor restaurant the concept is simple, use StealthNet bird netting and the structure to build a bird-free zone, like a birdcage, that the birds can’t get into. Then sit back and relax as the diners enjoy a relaxing meal, oblivious to the hell that is being unleashed at the hotel just a few hundred yards down the beach.

Hans Holwerda, General Manager of Professional Pest Control started proposing this solution to Aruba hotels, and has now provided the bird netting service to several hotels there, including the Hyatt, Marriott and Radisson.

Diners enjoy a relaxing, bird-free meal behind StealthNet.
Diners enjoy a relaxing, bird-free meal behind StealthNet bird netting.

“Most hotel managers were dead set against the idea,” said Holwerda. “They felt their customers would feel like they were sitting in a box, that it would ruin their breakfast in paradise.” But he was undeterred. He showed them photos of similar applications, and even put up a few pieces of sample bird netting to demonstrate how it virtually disappeared. “Finally,” he says, “one of my customers said OK. I think he had just refunded a full table’s bill and was really upset. The timing was great.”

Looking out through the StealthNet the eye is drawn to details outside, so the net disappears.
Looking out through the StealthNet the eye is drawn to details outside, so the bird netting disappears.




The Professional Pest team designed a system, and showed the manager where the bird netting would be by drawing over a photograph on their computer. They ran thin stainless steel cable as the framework and attached the bird netting using special net rings. They also built door frames and hung thin wires with metal balls, like a beaded curtain, to stop the birds flying, or even walking in.

“Thanks to Bird Barrier and Professional Pest Control we now have the first completely bird-free restaurant in Aruba, resulting in improved guest satisfaction and a huge number of great guest comments on trip advisor,” said Marin Bijl, the General Manager of Divi Aruba Beach Resorts. And, according to Bijl, the customers (especially those who had experienced the birds in the past) rave to him personally about their peaceful, bird-free meals.

Totally bird-free. Guests barely notice the StealthNet between them and the beach.
Totally bird-free. Guests barely notice the StealthNet bird netting between them and the beach.

“These are always custom installations,” says Bird Barrier’s Riddell. “Sometimes the architecture presents us with challenges, but we can usually overcome them with some clever design, a little custom fabrication, and a restaurant manager who is willing to do what it takes to get rid of the problem.”

Learn more about StealthNet at birdbarrier.com

Introducing New Bird-Shock Quick Connectors

New Flex Quick Connector

Bird Barrier has upgraded the Bird-Shock Flex-Track product range with the addition of new straight and corner connectors: Bird-Shock Quick Connectors.


Made from durable, UV-stabilized plastic with positive locking tabs, the new Flex-Track Quick Connectors will not spontaneously open; neither will they deteriorate even in the harshest environments. Like the Bird-Shock track itself, the new quick connectors are guaranteed for five years against debilitating corrosion and ultraviolet degradation.


cornerOne major improvement over competitive products lies in the design of the new corner quick connector itself. Instead of being forced to cut accurate 45-degree angles, tracks going into Bird Barrier’s new corner quick connector are simply end-cut and laid down into the part itself; the top is then snapped into place. This process eliminates the need for a special angled cut and is a big time saver. Metal conductive elements are also exposed on the top of the corner part; meaning birds that stand on the connector itself will still get a shock.


Connecting to the solar charger

The new Straight Connector features male tabs to connect to lead wire that connects to either the power chargers or an adjacent row of track. The Straight Connector can also be attached to the track at any other point where a connection is needed.


“I am proud that we developed the first Bird-Shock back in 2003,” says Bird Barrier’s president, Cameron Riddell. “While our prior connectors were very good, we always look to improve our products, and these new connectors are a quantum leap in speed, efficacy and endurance.”


Straight Connectors are sold in 20-packs while Corners are sold in 10-packs.


Find more information and watch an introductory video here.




Sparrow Trap Door is Finding Success in the Field

Sparrow Trap Door in open and closed positionsBird Barrier’s new Sparrow Trap Door has met our expectations as evidence by several success stories we’ve heard in the past couple of months. The Sparrow Trap Door is a single-catch trap that does not look or function like a trap.

Watch the video to see how the Sparrow Trap Door works.

One satisfied pest professional is Vernin Fite of Fite Back Pest Services in Gerber, CA, who has used three sparrow traps in three different accounts. “I am very happy with the results,” he said. “It looks so much better than the old wire traps, and the general public can’t even tell that it’s a trap!” Mr. Fite had an initial contract with three big box retailers, each having a single rogue bird, and was able to rid the stores of their nuisances within 24-48 hours using a combination of wild bird seed and white bread crumbs.

Jim, a building manager at a shopping mall in Rochester, NY had similar success with his single Sparrow Trap Door, pre-baiting the trap with bird seed for a week before catching a problem sparrow in the first night that the trap was live.

At a public university in Michigan, the campus facilities manager had tried several other wire sparrow traps before giving the Trap Door a try. By placing the trap at a high point in the gymnasium building, using mealworms as bait, and resetting after each capture, he was able to completely eliminate his multiple-bird problem, one night at a time, over the course of one week!

Grocery stores, big-box retailers, shopping malls, and many other facilities with potentially sensitive clientele have embraced the proven efficacy of the Sparrow Trap Door, the newest discrete, hygienic, and humane trap from Bird Barrier, the leader in bird control innovation for over 20 years!

StealthNet HVAC Poles Prevent Pigeon Deposits At Bank

StealthNet bird netting installed over HVAC unitsMore than 10 years ago, Charles King of King Pest Control in Edmond, OK installed a StealthNet bird netting system over the HVAC units on the roof of this mid-rise bank building to prevent pigeon nesting. The bank recently decided to replace the roof and HVAC units, so they asked King to move the bird netting for the new installation. It was still in good shape, other than a few tears made by maintenance workers.

New HVAC poles improve on original installation

At the time of the original StealthNet installation, Bird Barrier’s HVAC bird netting poles had not yet been introduced. They relied on the perimeter fence to support the bird netting. Because King always warranties his work and wanted to make it easier for the maintenance crew to access the roof without causing damage to the bird netting, he decided to replace the system and use the poles to support new 2-inch black heavy duty StealthNet. They installed two L-shaped zippers to allow for easy ladder access on the roof. The maintenance crew are quite pleased with the outcome.

IMG_1037It was a fairly straight-forward job and the bank has been a long-time customer, so they were happy to agree to the new installation. The most challenging part of the process was making the large net, 75 x 100 ft., taut. Due to the winter weather conditions in Oklahoma, King and his crew decided to replace galvanized hardware with stainless steel turnbuckles and net cable. Using a pneumatic net ring tool made the job quick and easy. It took two men just one  day to complete this job.

King Pest Control continues to install bird control systems for the bank’s many buildings. They have found that in their region, StealthNet bird netting is the most effective product for deterring birds. “I can count on StealthNet’s durability. It withstands weather long past its 10-year warranty,” explains Mr. King.

Learn more about StealthNet bird netting at birdbarrier.com

* The 10-year warranty covers black StealthNet only.