Quick & Easy Gutter-Point Installation

When this home’s rain gutters were cleaned, large accumulations of bird droppings were discovered. Gutter-Point is an easy solution. Twenty five feet of Gutter-Point were clipped into place in less than an hour, and no tools were required for installation. The installer charged $400 for this job and spent only about $125 for the materials; that’s a $275 profit for one hour of work. Not bad.


Become a Bird Control Professional

Learn from the Leader

Bird Barrier has made a name for itself for offering the most comprehensive support in the industry. Thousands of companies credit us with helping them significantly in their bird control businesses. Bird Control is a great way to find new customers and earn more revenue from your existing customers.


Become a Certified Installer

Birds are intelligent creatures that present a problem for thousands of building owners, and an opportunity for you. Bird Barrier’s one-day class gives you the tools to successfully plan and implement a bird control program for your customers. Gain the advantage you need with our hands-on seminar. We have added a NEW 1-hour segment on Bird Barrier Optical Gel.

Upcoming Class Dates

August 18, 2017
Bass Pro Shop
7905 S Hosmer St.
Tacoma, WA 98408
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August 24, 2017
Bass Pro Shop
1356 Bass Pro Dr.
Manteca, CA 95337
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8:00am – 4:00pm • Lunch Included • $50/person


It Only Takes a Day

You’ll discuss the methods proven to win you jobs. You will learn why customers buy, learn how to price jobs, get proposal tips and develop strategies on finding more prospects.

  • Bird biology and behavior
  • Permanent, non-lethal products to solve any bird problem
  • Which products are effective against different species
  • Analyze a site to select the correct products for each problem area

NEW: 1-Hour Optical Gel Class

Our newly introduced Bird Barrier Optical Gel allows any pest control company to start a profitable bird control program. Stop turning away small bird jobs and solve them with a very simple approach to bird control that includes Woodpeckers! The one hour class teaches proper prep, installation and how to sell very effective and profitable bird jobs. Optical Gel training takes place during the first hour of the full-day class.


What Installers Are Saying About Bird Barrier’s Class

“A Goldmine of Opportunity”

I want to thank you for your informative seminars on bird work. Our industry is ever-evolving and your updated expertise is a goldmine of opportunity to do this type of work. As a result, I am now doing a one-week job in British Columbia next week. I will use my skills I learned in your seminar.

Shawn McDonald, Route Manager
Abell Pest Control

“So Much Useful Information”

I have been in the Pest Control field for 28 years. Even with these many years of experience, I found your seminar to be very informative. With my level of expertise, it is not very often that I attend a seminar and gather so much useful information. Thank you for providing this informative learning experience.

Vince Davis, Owner
Bird & Bat Control Specialists

“Genuine in Their Desire to Help”

I recently attended a Bird Barrier training course in Las Vegas. I am new in the pest control industry and had very little knowledge and no experience at all on bird control. After attending the class, I feel very confident and prepared to do bird control jobs. My product knowledge is much higher now. The hands-on training provided during the class was extremely helpful.

Joe Palmer
Hughes Professional Services


Can’t Drill or Screw…What Do You Do? Net Magnets!

c1fc7f4e-ad73-448d-b7cf-ec15cc01b4c5You have been hired to install bird control and found that the best solution for your customer’s problem is StealthNet®. However, your customer has expressed concern about drilling or screwing into the building’s metal surfaces. After all, this will leave permanent holes in the metal. Net Magnets are the solution to this dilemma. They are extremely quick to secure in place and can be useful for following contours of a metal substrate, with or without wire cable. They are also handy to use for nets that need to be opened.




Such was the case at this school. They have 50 awnings with metal frames around the property. Sparrows were roosting and nesting under the protected area creating a mess on the supports and the ground below. It became a health concern for the administration.



There are two net magnet models, one for holding the netting itself. In this case, a 48 lb. Netting Magnet was used as a corner attachment.



Large 40 lb. Cable Magnets were used as intermediate attachments to support the perimeter cable.



This was a test awning. Once the installers demonstrated that StealthNet successfully excluded the sparrows without causing any damage to the awning frames, they were hired to complete the other 49 on the school’s grounds.

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The 2016 Bird Barrier Catalog is Here!

catcvrThe first day of spring is quickly approaching, which means warmer weather and more bird control jobs. Are you ready for the season? Bird Barrier can prepare you, starting with the 2016 Catalog. It’s bursting with new products to make your bird control installations easier. Here’s a taste of what you can expect…

  • Net Magnets » These come in handy when drilling or screwing is not an option.They are extremely quick to secure in place and can be useful for following contours of a metal substrate with our without a wire cable.
  • Black Net Rings » For the first time in the industry, Black net rings are available for the P7 hand ringer. Now you can cut way down on the visibility of rings on all black netting projects.
  • BirdSlide End Caps and Seam Connectors » Next Generation. Keep birds and wildlife from getting behind BirdSlide. Our extruded attachment slides onto the end. These new, molded connectors lock the ends together and fill the seam.
  • Bird-Shock Cellular Monitor » Instead of taking hours inspecting your track or wondering if it’s working properly, Cellular Monitor will notify you in seconds if there is any track-related issue.
  • Extension Poles » Longer, stronger, stiffer, lighter. Sell more bird control jobs by showing your customer their problem, without climbing a ladder.
  • Sparrow Trap Door Pole Mounting » Now, Trap Doors can be positioned on high shelves and hung from pipes (hanger included) from the safety of the ground.
  • Trap Door Repeater » The Trap Door can be secured to the top of a Bird Barrier Sparrow Trap. The Trap Door captures the first bird and drops it securely into the cage. Once inside, that bird attracts more birds.

There are three ways to get your 2016 catalog:

  1. Requested a Printed Copy
  2. View the Digital Edition
  3. Download a PDF

Pigeon Birth Control at Manufacturing Plants

OvoControl Offers Long-Term Pigeon Control

Pigeon Birth Control is necessary at manufacturing plantsOne of the most popular places for an OvoControl contraception project is a pigeon-plagued manufacturing plant. Any kind of manufacturing will do, although places that produce heat – foundry, mill, rail maintenance, glass, etc. – are often at the top of the list. Manufacturing facilities are often characterized by multiple structures which are typically just too large, costly or impractical to net. More often than not, the facility’s manager or engineer will tell you right up front that they have “tried everything” to control the pigeons and that the birds have been a menace for years.


Large plants most often require population abatement – supplemented by exclusion in high priority areas. These are perfect opportunities to sell a long-term OvoControl abatement program with recurring revenue, alongside stand-alone exclusion jobs.


This infested plant needed pigeon birth controlDon’t get caught up in trying to trap, shoot or poison your way to a solution. More often than not, the facility already has years of experience trying to “increase mortality” in one form or another. These techniques represent only a short term strategy and the pigeon population will recover and return with a vengeance.


Furthermore, if things go wrong, you can end up on the news as happened at the George Bush Airport recently. Everyone seems to have a smart phone with a camera and video these days and it is difficult or not impossible to prevent events from being recorded by employees or customers. This can get out of control quickly.


We recommend OvoControl for all facilities where abatement is required, but especially those where dead and dying birds could leave you with a problem on your hands. Think of it as pigeon birth control.

OvoControl® P is a specially formulated bait that interferes with the hatchability of eggs from pigeons. OvoControl® P contains nicarbazin, an active ingredient originally developed to prevent an enteric disease in chickens. Registered by EPA, OvoControl® P is approved for use in pigeons, geese and ducks. For more information on OvoControl, click here.