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Quick & Easy Gutter-Point Installation

When this home’s rain gutters were cleaned, large accumulations of bird droppings were discovered. Gutter-Point is an easy solution. Twenty five feet of Gutter-Point were clipped into place in less than an hour, and no tools were required for installation. The installer charged $400 for this job and spent only about $125 for the materials; that’s a $275 profit for one hour of work. Not bad.


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Become a Bird Control Professional

Learn from the Leader Bird Barrier has made a name for itself for offering the most comprehensive support in the industry. Thousands of companies credit us with helping them significantly in their bird control businesses. Bird Control is a great way to find new customers and earn more revenue from your existing customers.   Become […]

Can’t Drill or Screw…What Do You Do? Net Magnets!

You have been hired to install bird control and found that the best solution for your customer’s problem is StealthNet®. However, your customer has expressed concern about drilling or screwing into the building’s metal surfaces. After all, this will leave permanent holes in the metal. Net Magnets are the solution to this dilemma. They are extremely quick […]


The 2016 Bird Barrier Catalog is Here!

The first day of spring is quickly approaching, which means warmer weather and more bird control jobs. Are you ready for the season? Bird Barrier can prepare you, starting with the 2016 Catalog. It’s bursting with new products to make your bird control installations easier. Here’s a taste of what you can expect… Net Magnets […]

Pigeon Birth Control at Manufacturing Plants

OvoControl Offers Long-Term Pigeon Control One of the most popular places for an OvoControl contraception project is a pigeon-plagued manufacturing plant. Any kind of manufacturing will do, although places that produce heat – foundry, mill, rail maintenance, glass, etc. – are often at the top of the list. Manufacturing facilities are often characterized by multiple […]