Bird Barrier Launches Bidding Apps to its Website

Bird Barrier introduces two new helpful sales tools for the professional’s arsenal: The Product Advisor and The Quick Quote.

Product Advisor

Bird Barrier offers a wide assortment of products to deter birds from roofs, ledges, loading docks and more. With so many different scenarios, and bird species, it can often be challenging determining the very best solution. Are there sparrows nesting between beams and the roof? Or pigeons nesting under solar panels? What product should be used in these, and other, different scenarios? The new Product Advisor helps you to find the best product solution for any bird problem. This tool narrows your selection down based on just three simple questions:

1. What kind of bird is causing your bird problem?
2. What are the birds doing?
3. Where are they doing it?

After completing these three questions, Bird Barrier’s most effective product solutions will pop up, starting with the best.
After choosing the right program based on the Product Advisor, Bird Barrier’s Quick Quote can help figure out an estimate.

Quick Quote

Quick Quote helps you getting a quick estimate, so you can gauge the customer’s interest before making a final proposal. It is an easy way to get a feel for the how much the project may cost, and whether the customer is able to make the investment. The estimates can be saved for future use.
It’s very easy to use:

• Name the project, and the area on the building
• Select the product to be used
• Enter the length and width of the ledge, or area to be protected
• Rate the complexity (from Easy to Hard)
• Enter an estimate in dollars for cleaning
• Enter an estimate in dollars for lift rental
• Enter your company’s hourly rate
• Press “Calculate” and you will instantly have useful information

The Quick Quote will display a price range, not a final quotation, that can be discussed with the customer. If the customer is willing to learn more, the company should conduct a thorough inspection, measure accurately, create a materials list, and assess the costs of labor, cleaning, lift rental and other variables. Each Quick Quote result can be saved, and is automatically emailed to the user so it can be shared within the company.

These tools can be found at, under the “For Installers” link on the home page.
The Product Advisor does not require a login, but the Quick Quote does.