Woodpecker problem solved with Optical Gel

Joe Martorelli of United Exterminating was asked to help with a woodpecker problem in a residential area in Peoria, Arizona. The home had a large shop in the back, and the woodpecker had riddled that structure with holes. The owner had tried to patch up the holes a few times, but after a few months, the woodpecker and the holes were back. Because woodpeckers are protected, there are very few things that can be done to resolve the issue.
Joe had just taken a Bird Control Certification Course of Bird Barrier, in which he learned about Optical Gel. Optical Gel is a pre-dosed dish of gel that is stuck on buildings, and repels the birds with a visual and smell repellent. It works very well as a humane deterrent for woodpeckers. Joe said; “I worked with the Bird Barrier rep, and helped me to quote it out for the customer. “

During the project, Joe went to the client multiple times, first to quote, then to install Optical Gel, and then several visits to follow up, check, and see if there were no new holes. He even installed copper mesh in the holes, in order to see if the woodpeckers would remove it. Joe said: “If you shove the thin copper mesh in the hole, you can get a real good solid visual, if the woodpeckers are continuing to peck or trying to nest.”

It has been 6 months now, and he has not heard from the customer since, which he takes as a sign that the woodpecker problem is solved. Joe said: “There are definitely still woodpeckers in the neighborhood; it is a problem that a lot of the neighbor were experiencing.” So he might get some new orders for Optical Gel installation from the neighbors!

For more information on Optical Gel, please visit http://www.birdbarrier.com/products/optical-gel/ or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637/ (800) NO-BIRDS.