Bird Barrier’s StealthNet installed with zippers

Pest control specialist Brandon Sanders of Sanders Wildlife Inc. was asked to do a repair netting job at a location of a national supermarket chain. Birds used to hang out above the window of the pharmacy unit. The bird netting, originally installed by another company was torn and not attached.
One of the reasons that the netting had been torn was because the clients had to tear into the net to replace light bulbs. Bird Barrier offers a solution for the problem of not having access behind bird netting; StealthNet zippers.

StealthNet Zippers can be installed to open netting for horizontal or vertical access, using net rings. Their heavy duty marine construction insures the zipper’s long-life. Sanders says: “Upon repairing we installed Bird Barrier Zippers for access, which made all the difference.” See picture below.

After installing StealthNet, Sanders got another call from the customer. The birds had not gotten around the net but started using the gap between the tin roof to enter. Sanders says: “We installed black foam blocks in all the gaps found at the tin roof. The job is complete with no further problems.”

For more info on Bird Barrier’s StealthNet product, please contact Bird Barrier: or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637 or (800) NO-BIRDS.