Pigeons Evicted From Under Solar Panels

Bird Barrier’s Kit Delivers the Results.

Many homeowners dealing with pest animals find it hard to get rid of them. A homeowner in California noticed pigeons under the solar panels on the roof of the house. The pigeons had made that spot their home and were building a nest. Needless to say, the roof started to fill up with droppings too.

SoCal Bee and Bird assessed the situation, and the best solution to solve this problem was to install a Solar Panel kit. Bird Barrier’s Solar Panel Exclusion Kit is an innovative system, designed specifically to keep all birds from getting under solar arrays, protecting the roof, wiring, and equipment from their damage. Bird Barrier’s Solar Panel Exclusion Kit utilizes UV-stabilized polypropylene clips to safely secure sections PVC-coated galvanized steel mesh to the outer edge of any solar array.

Scott Hill from Socal Bee and Bird said: “Pigeons are very territorial, so if you would just take away the nest, they would come back and start anew. Installing the Solar Panel Kit ensures that the birds will not come back”.

First they removed all the material that the birds had gathered under the roof. After cleaning the tiles with Dissolve-it, they installed the steel mesh, clipping it to the panels. Since the roof tiles are round shaped, they had to cut the wire to make it fit.


The installation of the Solar Panel Kit is easy, and can be removed for service. Patent-pending plastic clips are UV-stable, they won’t scratch panels. Clips are recommended every 18 inches. The lips bind the mesh to the panels without drilling holes or damaging the system.


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