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Solar Panels Protected From Pigeons

Completed installation is barely visible on the solar panelSenske Pest Control manager Eric Clapper’s residential customer had a problem on their roof; pigeons were roosting, making noise and tearing out the delicate wiring underneath an expensive solar panel array. He met with his customer and explained that they should tackle the problem before the pigeon nesting materials and droppings started to cause a significant problem. The shaded area beneath solar panels is often strewn with nesting materials and waste that can clog gutters or even create a fire hazard in the hot summer months.

“We were just going to tack up some hardware cloth, and I asked Bird Barrier if there was anything specifically for solar panels,” said Eric in a phone interview. Clapper was introduced to Bird Barrier’s Solar Panel Exclusion Kit which utilizes UV-stabilized polypropylene clips to safely secure sections PVC-coated galvanized steel mesh to the outer edge of any solar array. The clips and wire are designed to secure snugly to the gap without the need for screws or adhesives.

“There was a little bit of a learning curve at first,” Clapper admitted, as it was their first time working with the product. The tile roof that they were working on proved somewhat challenging, due to the steep pitch and slipperiness, but with the proper tools, they were able to perform an almost seamless installation, fitting the mesh tightly against the roof to not only protect against pigeons, but also starlings or other small species that might attempt to lay claim to the customer’s roof.

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