StealthNet successfully installed at San Diego transit station

A transit station of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) had bird problems. Pigeons were nesting on top of the elevator shafts. Bird droppings were everywhere on the stairwells.

MTS contacted experienced bird control installer John Sanchez to help solve the problem. After consulting Bird Barrier, it was clear for John that StealthNet was the best solution for this bird problem. StealthNet bird netting is one of the most versatile solutions for bird control, providing a discreet yet effective barrier against all types of nuisance birds without inflicting harm on the birds themselves.

Installer John Sanchez: “MTS cares about the looks of the station, and the netting had to be done right.” John first cleaned the area thoroughly, then installed the netting on the two towers of the station, using a boom lift:

John Sanchez worked on the project for 3 days. The project was very effective, the pigeons did not return to the premises.

“In my career, I’ve bird proofed many structures. My favorite bird proofing jobs are netting jobs. With Bird Barrier StealthNet, I am able to close off any structure with bird issues easier, better and more aesthetically pleasing.” John said.

For more info on Bird Barrier’s StealthNet product, please contact Bird Barrier: or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637 or (800) NO-BIRDS.