Gridwire Protects Fish Processing Facility

An historic building in a busy fishing port had an infestation of gulls on its roof. Hundreds, even thousands of birds would loaf on the flat roof and create a massive mess of droppings, feathers, and fish bones. Clearly a significant effort was required to resolve this problem.

The facility’s owners wanted a long-term solution, that did not need regular care or maintenance. They worked with the installer and settled upon Gridwire, an overhead network of wires positioned in a grid that keeps gulls from landing on the roof.

Gridwire systems will deny gulls and other sea birds access to large open areas. It is a system of poles, cables and wires installed so that wires make up large squares or rectangles, like a very large mesh net. It can be suspended in various horizontal and vertical patterns.

Gulls, whose eye site is not great, blurrily see the wires as they approach the roof and become nervous; they fear becoming trapped in a zone they don’t understand.

Gridwire is typically installed 6-8 feet above a flat roof, allowing workers to access the roof as they normally would. It is a humane solution; even if the gulls fly into the zone, they can’t be hurt by the wires, and can easily escape.












Bird Barrier offers two versions of wire; Gridwire or Florescent GridTwine, which is more visible to birds.







The response from the gulls was dramatic. They flew around the roof trying to figure out what had changed. Fortunately for the building’s owners, they settled on surrounding buildings; they fish processing facility was finally gull free.

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