Birdwire to protect peaked roof

A sharp peaked roof had a problem with pigeons landing on its top, making a mess down the sides of the bright red roof. It was an eyesore for the restaurant.

Sharp peaks can be difficult to protect. In this case the installer chose Bird Barrier’s Birdwire, utilizing the Ridge Bracket system.

A Birdwire system consists of thin wires spring-tensioned between thin stainless steel posts. The posts are secured to the building every five feet, then the wires are pulled tight between them. This will keep pigeons and other large birds off of the surface being protected.

The Ridge Brackets feature and angled stainless steel bracket with three or five posts welded in place. They are secured to the roof peak every five feet with either screws or glue. If screwing it is recommended that glue or silicone is used to secure the screw holes from water penetration.

As can be seen in the photos, the installer took the extra step to paint the brackets red to match the building. When all was said and done, the pigeons were repelled, and the building had a long lasting, invisible solution standing guard.

Effective bird control depends not only on the right products but on proper installation techniques as well. Bird Barrier’s technical experts provide information by phone at 800-503-5444, or email us at or visit our website.