Stealthnet Protects Student Housing at University Campus

IMG_0027bDon Walton from Orkin does maintenance Pest work with a university in Virginia. Recently they told him about a bird problem they were dealing with; pigeons were nesting on the balcony of a student’s housing complex. The ‘Honors’ student housing to be precise. They were nesting and making a mess, and a prior solution, a sonic bird deterrent didn’t do the job.


Don consulted Bird Barrier, and they decided that Stealthnet netting was the best solution for this bird problem. Don Walton had never installed a net before, and this was a semi technical install considering the height (which required a large lift) and the location. This level would normally be in the hands of an experienced installer, but Don Walton was ready to take this on. Bird Barrier’s Tony Jetton assisted with strategic advice, like providing marked photos to reference where the Cable and Hardware had to go, and helping him with product selection and installation strategies.


IMG_0032 IMG_0039 IMG_0037b


“The university is very sensitive about the looks of the building, and the netting had to be done perfectly straight.” Don said. They used four nets sealing off the perimeters. Don worked on the project for 3 days straight. The result was fantastic; the net blended in very well with the front, and birds could not enter the balcony area anymore. Job well done.

For more info on Bird Barrier’s Stealthnet product, please contact Bird Barrier: or call Bird Barrier at 800-662-4637 or (800) NO-BIRDS.