Bird Barrier’s StealthNet solves bird problem on State of Texas Capital Building

Town Lake Construction, IMG_5586-1b a bird control installer from Austin, Texas, installed Bird Barrier’s StealthNet bird netting on the South and North entrances of the State of Texas Capital Building. This historical building was having issues with pigeons and sparrows.


A 135′ boom-lift was incorporated with scaffolding for access.

Because of the historical aspect of this building, the normal anchoring system could not be used. Britainny Cason, of Town Lake ConIMG_5586bstruction: “In place of it, we used stainless steel eye-bolts that were epoxy’d into the existing mortar joints. SDS drills were used to install the cabling for the bird netting.”



The result of this hard work was excellent; a bird free Capital State building, whereas the netting is invisible from the outside. “It was a real pleasure and challenge to work on such a historically valuable building”, according to Britainny.  This project is also being featured in national trade magazines.

IMG_5587b IMG_5594b

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