Can’t Drill or Screw…What Do You Do? Net Magnets!

c1fc7f4e-ad73-448d-b7cf-ec15cc01b4c5You have been hired to install bird control and found that the best solution for your customer’s problem is StealthNet®. However, your customer has expressed concern about drilling or screwing into the building’s metal surfaces. After all, this will leave permanent holes in the metal. Net Magnets are the solution to this dilemma. They are extremely quick to secure in place and can be useful for following contours of a metal substrate, with or without wire cable. They are also handy to use for nets that need to be opened.




Such was the case at this school. They have 50 awnings with metal frames around the property. Sparrows were roosting and nesting under the protected area creating a mess on the supports and the ground below. It became a health concern for the administration.



There are two net magnet models, one for holding the netting itself. In this case, a 48 lb. Netting Magnet was used as a corner attachment.



Large 40 lb. Cable Magnets were used as intermediate attachments to support the perimeter cable.



This was a test awning. Once the installers demonstrated that StealthNet successfully excluded the sparrows without causing any damage to the awning frames, they were hired to complete the other 49 on the school’s grounds.

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