BirdSlide Protects Residence from Starlings

BirdSlide is easy to install on a variety of surfaces

This BirdSlide installation was the first major bird control job for Jim Baldridge and his crew at Dewey Pest Control in Lancaster, CA, but he took it with all the enthusiasm of an adventurer seeking a new challenge. A residential customer on their regular service route wanted to prevent starlings from building nests and pecking holes into the ledges.

Jim proposed the BirdSlide solution to the customer and began installation. He admits that there were a few bumps in the road, but it was an invaluable learning experience for his team.

“We thought about netting it at first,” explained Jim, “but Bird Barrier suggested we go with BirdSlide since the siding was constructed of Dryvit.” This popular building material proves to be very difficult to properly install netting into, and can be irreparably damaged if done incorrectly. It took two technicians one 8-hour day to install. “There was a bit of a learning curve,” he admitted, “if we had a small workbench on the truck for cutting the extensions, it would’ve gone much faster.”

Day on Freer way (15)Dewey Pest Control has used this opportunity to successfully introduce bird control to their line of services and train their technicians on installation and sales techniques. “There are many similar houses in this neighborhood,” said Jim noting that there is a lot of opportunity to perform similar installations without having to canvas a large geographic area. “The customer is happy, and we’re happy…we expect a lot of new business doing bird work!”

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