Daddi Long Legs Keep Pigeons Off Rooftop In Sun Or Snow

A warehouse roof in New Hampshire was the site of a massive pigeon infestation. The only problem was that the heavy snows common in New England would make short work of a traditional exclusion array like StealthNet or GridWire.

To keep the pigeons away, this installer opted to use a combination of Daddi Long Legs, Eagle Eye, and Bird Gard Pro audio devices to harass, deter, and eliminate the infestation.

Eagle Eye and Bird Gard Pro devices strategically placed around the building’s roof provided a first line of defense by visually disorienting approaching birds and alerting them to the now hostile rooftop. An array of Daddi Long Legs provided secondary, physical deterrence, effectively preventing stubborn birds from landing on the rooftop.









As New Hampshire regularly receives multiple feet of snowfall during the winter, the Daddi Long Legs units were installed on posts raising them several feet about the deck and held in place with concrete blocks so they will prevent any birds from landing even if the snow pack accumulates.


The system has survived its first winter and still works, so its primed to keep pigeons away for many years to come!